It’s our job to make sure job leads are sent out to tradies with the right skill set for the job. We look at a few different things including the skills needed for the job and the TradeRank of our tradespeople. We then pick a handful of tradespeople to send the job lead.

There are a few things you can do to increase your chance of being sent more leads.

Improve your TradeRank

TradeRank is a measure we use to find the best tradespeople for a job post. It considers things such as how you respond to job leads, the reviews provided by homeowners and if you pay invoices on time.

Here are some tips on improving your TradeRank

  • Make sure your profile is accurate and up to date
  • When you get a job lead – respond! Accept or decline, but don’t ignore it – that makes our system think you’re not interested in getting leads.
  • Respond to your reviews – good or bad, responding in a professional manner increases your TradeRank and also shows prospective customers what you’re like to work with.
  • If you haven’t already – add a credit or debit card to your account, so your invoices are always paid on time.

[gap height=”20″]Keep your profile in good shape

  • Make sure you’ve got all your trades and service locations are up to date – we need this to match you appropriately. The homeowners also need this as they’ll check out your profile when deciding who to interact with.
  • Make your ‘About your Business’ stand out. In this area, we would suggest providing as much information about your work ethic and style to give the homeowner a vision of how their experience with you would be. This is a chance to give a great first impression and convey your professionalism – so check the grammar and spelling.
  • If you are a Pro subscriber, add photos to your ‘Pro photo gallery’ that showcase your previous work.

[gap height=”20″]Provide exceptional service

Our homeowners provide reviews on communication and on workmanship. There are small things you can do when chasing a job or completing a job which will improve your service and make the homeowner more likely to provide a positive review.

When you’re chasing a job

  • Introduce yourself – we see many tradespeople chasing jobs without sending an introduction note. This makes a big difference – it helps homeowners quickly gain a feel for you before they go through to read your profile.[gap height=”20″]
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently – while you may be out on jobs most of the day, when you do sit down to catchup on your job leads and chases – be clear, friendly and timely.

When you win a job

  • Deliver the service you promised to the homeowner.
  • If unexpected tasks or delays pop up – communicate clearly and openly with the homeowner.

[gap height=”20″]Responding to reviews 

We take into considerations the reviews you’ve received and ultimately building up a history of good reviews will improve your TradeRank.

However, we do encourage you to take the time to respond to each with professionalism and care. Showing homeowners how you respond to the good and the bad helps future customers get a deeper understanding of what you’re like to work with.

[gap height=”20″]Seasonal dips in job posts

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to encourage homeowners to post their jobs to Builderscrack. We do notice seasonal changes to job posts and this can contribute to a lack of job leads. If you’ve done everything you can to polish your profile but you feel your number of leads is down it may be that we have a lower number of jobs posted in your trades that month.