One of the cornerstones of Builderscrack is the authenticity of the reviews, and the visibility of these for other homeowners.

Typically, a homeowner will provide a review of a tradesperson after they have engaged them to quote on a job or to complete a job.

[gap height=”20″]When is a tradesperson reviewed?

A homeowner can review a tradesperson at any point in their interaction.

[gap height=”20″]What does the homeowner review?

There are two types of reviews a homeowner can provide:

  • Communications review
  • Workmanship review

[gap height=”20″]What is a communications review?

This type of review is provided when a homeowner and tradesperson have been interacting but the tradesperson has not been awarded the job.

We offer our users the opportunity to review tradespeople based on their responsiveness and professionalism – even if the tradesperson was not awarded the job in the end. If you’ve interacted on a job, then they can review you, so it’s important to remain professional in all your engagements.

The communications review is very simple, the homeowner provides a score out of 5 and they can provide additional comments if they wish.

[gap height=”20″]What is a workmanship review?

This type of review is provided when you complete a job for a homeowner.

Workmanship reviews demonstrate to fellow homeowners the quality of work a tradesperson is providing. They also provide valuable feedback for your business.

We ask homeowners to provide hammer ratings out of 5 for;

  • Workmanship (was the work of good quality?)
  • Cost (was it as expected?)
  • Schedule (job completed on time?)
  • Communications (how well did the tradesperson communicate?)

We also ask them to confirm who did the work and the final job cost – this is used to calculate the appropriate success fee.

[gap height=”20″]When are reviews published?

All reviews are ‘pending’ for 7 days from the time they are placed before becoming visible to the public, and you have the opportunity to respond within this timeframe.

The reviews are editable by the homeowner for 8 weeks after being created.

[gap height=”20″]What if I disagree with a review?

Contact the homeowner to discuss the points they’ve raised and ask them to reconsider their review. Keep it professional and respectful and give them the benefit of the doubt; it could boil down to a simple misunderstanding. For more advice on dealing with bad reviews see this post.

[gap height=”20″]Should I respond to my reviews?

We encourage tradies to respond to all reviews – good or bad. Responding to reviews demonstrates care, appreciation and professionalism to homeowners.