Below is an overview of the stages of a job and the terminology we use at Builderscrack.

[gap height=”20″]Job leads

These are the job leads we sent out via email and through our app to tradespeople we feel match the requirements of the homeowner’s job.

[gap height=”20″]Chase

When you receive a job lead you’re interested in, you can click through to ‘chase’ the job.

This is the stage in which you’re trying to win the job.

[gap height=”20″]Homeowner reviews tradespeople profiles

A homeowner will be presented with the tradies ‘chasing’ the job. We then advise them to review the public profiles and customer reviews of each tradies.

[gap height=”20″]Homeowner grants contact

If the homeowner wishes to engage with you, they’ll grant you contact, meaning they now have access to your contact details and can engage directly with you, they now also have the option of making their phone number available to you at this stage.

When you’re granted access, the job moves out of your chase list and into your ‘in contact’ list.

[gap height=”20″]In contact

When you’re granted contact by the homeowner, you can get in touch to define the requirements, costs and scheduling of the job.

[gap height=”20″]Dropping a job

When you have a job which you are no longer interested in or are no longer able to complete, we calling this ‘dropping’ the job. You can drop a job at any stage. If you’ve been invoiced a success fee you will need to contact our team. Find out more about dropping jobs here.

[gap height=”20″]Providing costs to the homeowner

If you wish to, you can provide a quote directly through Builderscrack. You’ll be notified when they accept, query or decline the quote. This is a useful tool as it creates a permanent online record of what has been discussed.

If you prefer to provide a job cost, you can also do this through Builderscrack. You’ll be notified when they accept, query or decline the cost.

[gap height=”20″]When do you know you’ve won a job?

When you and the homeowner are happy for you to take the job, you can ‘claim’ the job or the homeowner might ‘award’ the job to you. This confirms that you’re the chosen tradie.

Jobs that you’ve been awarded or claimed will now move into your ‘secured’ jobs list.

[gap height=”20″]Calculating your success fee

When you’ve provided a quote or cost to the homeowner and it’s been accepted, we calculate our success fees and issue our invoice. If the job cost changes just let us know.

[gap height=”20″]Reviews

The job has been done, now the homeowner can leave a review of your communication and workmanship.