When you’re trying to win a new job, here’s a few tips to consider when communicating with the homeowner.

[gap height=”20″]Use the ‘interact’ messaging function

We always recommend communicating with homeowners using the ‘interact’ messaging function. This will ensure there is a permanent record of what has been discussed and ensures expectations are clear for both parties.

[gap height=”20″]Introduce yourself

When you’re granted contact by a homeowner – introduce yourself! Most tradespeople skip this step. A simple message can put you ahead of the other tradies chasing the job.

[gap height=”20″]Clear language

When interacting with the homeowner use language which is friendly, clear and shows the homeowner what you’re like to work with.

[gap height=”20″]Customer reviews

Homeowners will look at your reviews when deciding if they want to engage with you. By taking the time to respond to all reviews – good and bad, you can show a potential customer that you’re responsive, you build strong relationships with your homeowners and stay professional in sticky situations.