If you have work that needs doing around your home, you can post a job from your tradesperson account.

Posting a job on Builderscrack is easy! Simply click ‘post job’ from the top menu or select ‘Post new job’ from your homepage to get started. When you’re writing your job post, consider what you’d like to see from a job post and use this to get started. We’ll ask you for a few details.

If you are looking to recruit staff, you will need to post a recruitment listing instead.

What type of work is it?

Select the trade you need. Once we know what trade you need, we can start finding tradespeople with the right skill sets for your work.

Job location?

Tell us where your job is.

Job name

Give your job a descriptive name.

What’s the job?

Give the tradesperson a clear idea of what you feel is required and what you’re wanting to achieve. For example, if you need some tiling done, approximately how big is the area?

Adding photos

Add photos to your job post, this gives tradespeople a clearer idea of what you need and in some cases they may be able to quote your job without a site visit.

Post your job!

We’ll get your job out to some of our talented tradespeople and let you know when they start chasing your job.