In early 2019, we removed the limits on the number of jobs you can have open and on the go at any one time.

We’ve received queries from some of our trade partners about what this really boils down to – basically, a holding fee is an incentive to close jobs appropriately. This article should provide you with some clarity as to what these fees are.


Where’s the value in chasing jobs if I’m going to be charged holding fees on jobs I don’t secure?

We know there is still immense value in this interaction. You’ve had the opportunity to market and promote your business to a potential client. They now have a tradesperson they can call on in the future and refer to friends. We know the potential for future work and word of mouth referrals is where the value lies.

[gap height=”20″]Why has this changed?

When we reviewed our structure, we found that limiting the number of jobs you could have on the go at any one time was in conflict with the way tradespeople actually need to use our service. We recognised that we were imposing restrictions on you which just didn’t make sense with the realities of running your business.[gap height=”10″]

That’s how we came about to adopting an Unlimited approach. This means:

If you are a Standard (free) Builderscrack user:

  • You can chase 5 new job leads within any 7 day period
  • Once you’ve been chasing a job for more than 7 days it will no longer count toward your chase limit
  • You can have as many jobs on the go as you need to at any one time – previously, you could only have 5.

If you’re a Builderscrack Pro subscriber:

  • You can now chase as many jobs as you wish to. There is no limit.
  • You can have as many jobs on the go as you need to at any one time.
  • You still receive discounted success fees and an extended account profile.

[gap height=”10″][divide]What exactly is a holding fee?

A holding fee is a small fee applied to any jobs on which you’ve been granted contact and which remain open after a month. At this point they enter Extended Contact.[gap height=”10″]

When jobs enter Extended Contact, a small ($1) fee will be applied at the start of month 2. A small incremental fee will be applied at the start of each subsequent month the job remains open, and we only issue an invoice for holding fees once they reach $10 across your account.

[gap height=”20″]What is Extended Contact?

If you have a job in Extended Contact, it means it’s been over a month since the homeowner granted you contact and the job remains open.

[gap height=”20″]What is an ‘open’ job?

If a job is open, it means contact has been granted by the homeowner but the job is yet to be secured. This essentially means a job with no success fee invoice issued, regardless of status.

[gap height=”10″]Reasons for this can be;

  • The homeowner has not awarded the job to a tradesperson
  • A tradesperson has not claimed the job
  • A job awarded or claimed but with no cost applied
  • A submitted quote or job cost is yet to be accepted by the homeowner

[gap height=”10″][divide][gap height=”10″]If I know I’m going to win the job but I haven’t finalised the cost, how can I move the job out of Extended Contact?

A job can only move out of Extended Contact when a tradesperson has been secured and a cost accepted by the homeowner.

[gap height=”10″]Jobs claimed or awarded without an accepted cost or quote will remain in Extended Contact.

[gap height=”10″]When a job cost is provided and is accepted by the homeowner, any holding fees you’ve incurred will be deducted from your success fee invoice.

[gap height=”10″][gap height=”10″]What if the homeowner is taking ages to decide?

Some jobs simply take longer to close. We’d encourage you to keep in contact with the homeowner and persevere as they gather all the information they need in order to make a decision.[gap height=”10″]

If you’re in a position in which you’ve already provided a cost or a quote to the homeowner, we will prompt the homeowner to either accept or respond to you.

Homeowners have 5 days to query or accept a trade proposed job cost. If no action is taken the cost will be accepted and an invoice issued

[gap height=”10″][gap height=”10″]How can I manage my list of Active jobs?

We’d encourage you to close-off jobs as they naturally occur, e.g. drop any jobs that you’re no longer interacting with the homeowner on. Remaining engaged on our platform and with the homeowner, also keeps your traderank healthy – and a healthy traderank means the potential for more job leads sent to your account.

[gap height=”10″][gap height=”10″]Aren’t these just another way to charge fees?

If you are successful in securing the job – any holding fees will be deducted from your success fee when we invoice you for the job. This means you are not paying in addition to our standard success fee.

[gap height=”10″]If you are not successful in securing the job – you will be charged the holding fee.

[gap height=”10″]Holding fees are not designed as a penalty for you – or as a way to make money for us (hence the low rates and deduction from success fees). They provide a mechanism for encouraging job management and closure, essential for us to be able to provide the ability to have unlimited jobs on the go at any time.

[gap height=”30″]More reading

We’d recommend reading this article as it speaks to how we came to this change and breaks down the monthly cost of holding fees.[gap height=”30″]