You post your job

Whether you need an oven clean or a new house built, you can post your job on Builderscrack and get connected with tradespeople. There’s no cost to post a job.

[gap height=”20″]We match tradespeople to your job

When we get a new job post, we look find suitable tradespeople and send them the job lead to chase.

[gap height=”20″]Tradespeople chase the job

We’ll let you know when tradespeople are chasing your job.

[gap height=”20″]You check out the tradespeople

When tradespeople begin chasing your job, you can take a look through their profile and read over their customer reviews. We encourage all our homeowners to check out the tradespeople and use this information to help pick who you’d like to engage with.

[gap height=”20″]Grant the tradespeople access

After checking out the tradespeople, click ‘Accept contact‘ for the tradespeople you wish to engage with. You can now send messages to each other through Builderscrack.

[gap height=”20″]Sorting the job details

When you’ve granted access to the tradespeople you want to engage with, you can discuss with them the details of the job and begin gathering quotes.

You can allow contact with up to three tradespeople at a time on one job.

[gap height=”20″]Receiving a quote or a job cost

Tradespeople will provide you with either a quote or job cost through Builderscrack. You can review, query, accept or decline the quote or cost. By accepting the quote or cost you are confirming that tradesperson will complete the job.

[gap height=”20″]Drop a tradesperson

If you decide you’re not interested in a tradesperson click ‘Drop’. This removes the tradesperson from chasing your job and you can leave a review on their communication style if you’d like.

[gap height=”20″]Award the job to the tradesperson

When you’ve found a tradesperson you like and you’re happy with the price, you can ‘Award‘ them your job.

Awarding the job confirms that your chosen tradesperson will complete the job and also lets the other tradespeople you were talking with know the job has been awarded to someone else.

[gap height=”20″]Job done, review your tradesperson

When your job is complete, you can ‘Review‘ your tradesperson.

The job will automatically move into your ‘Completed’ tab. If you need to revisit the job details at any time you can find all the details here.