One of the cornerstones of Builderscrack is the authenticity of our review system and the visibility of reviews for homeowners.

If you engage with a tradesperson through Builderscrack, you can review them.

When is a tradesperson reviewed?

You can review a tradesperson at any point during your interaction.

What do you review?

Homeowners can provide two types of reviews:

  • Communications review – when you’ve been in contact with a tradesperson but they did not secure the job. [gap height=”10″]
  • Workmanship review – when the tradesperson secures your job and completes the work.

What is a communications review?

This type of review is provided when a homeowner and tradesperson have been interacting but the tradesperson has not been awarded the job.

The communications review is very simple, you provide a score out of 5 and any  additional comments you want to make.

What is a workmanship review?

When you award your job to your tradesperson, we’ll ask you to provide a workmanship review. You can come back to this when the job has been completed.

When are reviews published?

Reviews are published 7 days after you post them – this gives our tradespeople a chance to read them and respond if there are any issues. If they respond within this 7 day period, we will publish the review instantly.

Reviews are editable for 8 weeks after being created.