Once you’ve selected the tradesperson for your project, even if you’ve notified them in person, it’s important to award the job to them via the Builderscrack platform.

[gap height=”20″]To award the job either:

  • Accept the quote (For quotes received through the Builderscrack system) – This will notify the tradespeople that they have won the job based on the quote they’ve provided.
  • Award the job with the agreed cost – Use the ‘Award’ button and we’ll ask you to confirm the cost. If you are still negotiating the cost you can confirm this later.

[gap height=”20″]Why does Builderscrack need to know the final cost?

When a tradesperson wins a job through Builderscrack, we invoice them a small success fee based on the final cost of the job. This cost should never be passed onto you by the tradesperson.

[gap height=”20″]Adding a cost can be done in three ways:

1) By clicking ‘Waiting on cost’ link within the job.
2) Or by clicking the ‘Cost’ button within the tradie comms area.
3) Or by writing a workmanship review – Add the agreed cost and write a review. This will close the job.