You’ve posted your job and you’ve got tradespeople chasing your job – here’s a few tips on how to pick the right person for your job.

[gap height=”20″]What are their hammer ratings?

A tradesperson’s hammer ratings show on their profile and will give you a snapshot of what they’re like to work with.

[gap height=”20″]What do their customers have to say?

We’d recommend reading through some of the reviews they’ve received from past customers. Seeing the jobs they’ve completed and what others have to say about them will shed some light on what you can expect from them on your job.


  • How many 4 or 5 star reviews they have.
  • What are the customer’s saying about their quality, value and reliability?
  • Have they completed jobs like yours before?

[gap height=”20″]Get to know them

When you’ve decided who to engage with and granted them contact access, get to know them a bit better.

You might want to find out a bit more about their business;

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have Public Liability insurance to cover property damage?
  • Who will be completing the job?
  • Can you call some of their past customers for a reference?
  • Does their price include GST?
  • Is their work guaranteed?
  • Do they offer a contract?

Don’t be afraid to really talk details – it shows you’re engaged and wanting to ensure the best possible result.

[gap height=”20″]Communicate clearly

Whether it’s discussing the project, negotiating on price, organising site visits, open communication is key to a successful outcome.

We encourage homeowners to communicate with tradespeople through the Builderscrack website. Here’s why:

  • Keeps track of quotes and pricing amends.
  • Documents agreements between both parties.
  • Ensures you both have the same expectations of the job.

Make sure all the tradespeople have all the detail they’ll need in order to quotes which are comparable. We’d recommend getting quotes from three tradespeople – this gives you a few to compare.

[gap height=”20″]How do you decide which quote to go with?

Don’t just go with gut feel or the cheapest (there may be a reason they’re cheap – poorer quality of work or they’ve not accounted for everything in their quote) or most expensive quote (this isn’t a guarantee of the quality of work).

Remember to consider what you’ve learnt about them in your research and approve the quote from the tradesperson you feel is best suited to your job.