Sometimes details change on a job you’ve posted and you need to update it – here’s how.

[gap height=”20″]Do you have any tradespeople chasing your job?

No – then you can still edit the details of the job:

  • Select ‘My jobs’
  • Click on the job you want to change
  • Select ‘Edit’
  • Update the details of the job

[gap height=”20″]Have you already got tradespeople chasing your job and you need to make small changes to your job?

Yes – If it’s minor changes you want to make, it’s really important to send them directly to the tradespeople you’re engaging with via the interact button.

This ensure all parties are clear on the scope of the job and there’s a record of what has been discussed and agreed.

  • Select ‘My jobs’
  • Click on the job name to open the messaging page
  • In the message, describe any changes to scope and attach any files using the button ‘Attach pdf, txt or images’
  • Hit ‘Send’

[gap height=”20″]Need to make big changes to the job post?

Yes – If you’re wanting to make big changes to the scope of the job but you’d like to continue talking to the tradies who’ve already chased it, we suggest you cancel and repost the job.

Check out this post for help.