Our Cost Estimator is one of the simplest ways to get an idea of the costs associated with for your next home improvement or repair. We take a look at how it works…

  1. Winter weatherproofing your home
  2. Winterproofing your homes exterior, doors and windows
  3. Weatherproofing your home with insulation

Introducing our new cost estimator!

Once you’ve made your list, you’ll want to get an idea of what it’s going to cost you. But you may not want to take time calling or emailing tradies just yet. Here’s where our new and improved maintenance and renovation cost estimator will come in handy.

cost estimator

It’s easy (and free) to use. Best of all you can play around fine tuning the details of your job. This lets you explore different price options until your hearts content. When you’ve nailed what it is you want done and a cost estimate, then you’re ready to post a job and have trusted reliable tradespeople provide you with a detailed quote so you can get started.

cost estimator

We’ve just spent several months updating the cost estimator based on feedback from our tradespeople, previous jobs posted on site and industry knowledge. As one of our most popular features we’d love for you to give it a try and tell us what you think.

There’s also some great before and after photos to check out while you’re there.

cost estimator

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