Whether you’re a tradie or a proud homeowner, you’ll want to take some before and after photos of your latest home renovation…

No matter how great the work is, a poorly taken photo won’t show it in its true light. This is particularly important for tradespeople looking to add work to their online portfolio.  Here are some easy tips to help you take great before and after photos.

Tips on taking great before and after photos of your renovation

  1. Remember where you were standing when you took the “before” images. After the workers have finished their job, go to the same spot and make another shot. Try and make it as similar as possible to the first image
  2. Take different shots of the same space. For example, make one wide-angle overview image of the area that will be modified, and then take some detailed shots of the texture of material. In the “after” shots try to convey the attention to detail that your tradesmen were demonstrated, as well as showing us their overall accomplishment
  3. Use your smartphone camera instead of that old point-and-shooter, regardless of its quality at the time you purchased it. Modern phones have cameras that are far superior to consumer cameras from just a few years back
  4. We are curious to see how your workers are actually doing their job. You can make the images more interesting if you photograph people doing their work
  5. Take a shot of your family members or even pets (hey, they are family too) using the object that have been refurbished or made from scratch. We’d like to know you are happy, that’s why we do what we do
  6. If you’re not sure what is the best way to photograph your space, ask someone to help you. Make it a team task, or make a small competition in arts skills. That can be fun too!

before and after photos