Create a Slice of Paradise in Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom

master bathroom

You can create your personal slice of paradise by transforming your master bathroom into a spa like environment. You won’t have to travel and can escape to tranquillity in your home as often as you are able to. Keep reading to find ideas from Builderscrack for turning your master bathroom into your own at home spa retreat. (more…)

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The key to success when using a decorator is to choose a good tradesman before you begin, because correcting a bad paint or wall papering job can be difficult, expensive, time-consuming and more hassle than it’s worth.

When selecting from tradesmen who have responded to your job you posted on, make sure that you read reviews written by previous customers to get a good indication of how they have performed previously.

Once you have selected a decorator, don’t be afraid to ask to inspect previous projects. Look at the job to assess the quality for yourself and talk to the homeowners to see how reliable the decorator was.

using a DecoratorWhen inspecting wallpaper, look at the joins in the paper – the pattern should match perfectly – and at the skirting and scotia to see that the paper is finished tidily and there’s no old glue left on the paintwork. With painted walls, however, the quality of the paint job is largely dictated by the quality of the preparation work. Painting is a skilled trade that requires training and appropriate tools. Professional painters know how to prepare the surface, what paints to use, and how to get the job done with minimal disruption.

It’s a good idea to get quotes from three decorators if possible, and ask for a contract price rather than an hourly rate. Always discuss the job thoroughly with your tradesman before starting, to avoid confusion and disappointment – and make sure the decorator who starts the job is the one who finishes it. Also, as many of them have more than one job on at a time, we recommend trying to pin them down to a schedule.

When using a decorator, consider:

  • Making sure you provide a clear description of the scope of the project, including any surface preparation work. Be specific and concise.
  • Discuss and detail in writing the products and colours you want, including brand name of paint, and make sure through the project that those are actually used.
  • Get an estimate of the time the job will take to complete, and make sure you are aware of any additional costs, such as travel and whether the quote includes GST.
  • Make sure you both sign and date the quote once you’ve accepted it. While anyone can slap paint onto your walls, it takes expertise and experience to get a really high-quality finish.

Interior Home Painting Port St Lucie FloridaBefore any painting work commences, make sure that the painter has looked at the wall beforehand, so a plasterboard-stopper can fix any problems. A painted wall should be smooth to touch, which may mean it needs skimming before-hand. It might be possible to reduce costs by just skimming the walls that get the most light, as they are the ones that will show the most imperfections.

Getting a perfect finish when renovating an older home can be tricky. Walls are often out of plumb and not straight. It’s often best to re-plasterboard the walls altogether, and this also offers the ideal chance to reconfigure your power points and add insulation. However, as the framing in old homes will be rough-hewn, the walls will need packing to ensure the new plasterboard sits flat.

Finally, make sure to be realistic about the amount of time and money you have budgeted to get the job done. Prep work can be pricey, but it’s worth it in the end to achieve a quality finish.

Article (modified) courtesy of Resene Habitat magazine.

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Signwriters create signs for residential or commercial purposes.  These signs can include everything from small signs for the front of a business to large billboards and vinyl signs and lettering for use in windows. A sign writer can also use computer software to generate signs with more accuracy.

signwriterIn general, a signwriter’s task is to create a sign for a client or business. The methods a sign writer usually depend on the job and a client will typically provide details of their requirements and request.

A signwriter is often a combination of visual artist and craftsperson presents ideas to the client. Once the client chooses a sign, the signwriter can then begin work.

Different sign writers create signs in different ways. When hiring a signwriter ask them what materials and equipment they will be using.  Wood, metal, vinyl, plastic, and other materials can all be used in creating signs for a client, depending on the desires and budget of a client. Sign writers often do the artistic work in creating the concept of a sign, and physically create the sign as well.

A sign writer can also utilize more modern techniques and technology to create large signs using various modern mediums. Software may be utilised to ensure precision and to create a sign that can be printed via large format printers used to make banners and vinyl signs.

Sign writers may offer some or all of these services:

  • 3D signs
  • Automotive signage
  • Awards, plaques & trophies
  • Commercial signage
  • Custom signage
  • Driftwood sculpture
  • Expo & conference signage
  • Promotional signage
  • Retail signage
  • Signage consultancy
  • Traditional signwriting

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Cladding installation describes the process of covering one building material with another. Cladding can be expensive needing an initial outlay of funds, but it’s a long-term investment with a number of advantages and benefits to the homeowner.

Cladding installation benefits include:

  1. Provides protection and insulation from the elements
  2. Improves the visual appearance of your home
  3. Is low maintenance

Not only will cladding cover and insulate, it can give a facelift to your home without spending a lot of money.  It’s available in a wide variety of options which will suit a range of homes.  Generally materials will be able to be applied both inside and out, and owners can choose either partial or full cover. Cladding installation professionals may offer stone, UPVC, wood or steel cladding.

cladding installation professionalsStone cladding

Stone cladding gives a beautiful appearance to a home and is considered to be luxurious and top of the range in quality and class.  It can be expensive as options will include granite and marble.

Stone cladding needn’t cover an entire exterior and often only areas frequently exposed to the elements, such as porches or garages are covered.

Marble cladding is frequently used in bathrooms and is inexpensive when compared to granite.

upvc claddingUPVC Cladding

UPVC cladding is the most inexpensive type of cladding and very durable. It’s very low maintenance when correctly installed and can be used in most homes.

There’s a variety of colour options and it will suit any home irrespective of style or type.

wood claddingWood cladding

Wood cladding can be fitted to a homes interior, giving a warm feeling to any building. As timber is a natural resource, panels will have individual characteristics and beauty.

The cladding ends of timber panels need pre-treatment against moisture to prevent the panels lifting and warping.

Panels can be left untreated if self-staining is an option.  Pine, spruce, cedar and larch are popular wood cladding options.

steel claddingSteel cladding

Steel cladding has full insulation on the back of the panels and is manufactured in long lengths to prevent unsightly joints appearing.  It’s available in embossed wood-grain surfaces or a plain design.

Installation and Maintenance

It is recommended to hire a cladding installation professionalbuilder or architect, as building codes and practices include regulations that need to be adhered to.

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