Is a Pet Friendly Home Important to You?

pet friendly homeShould you have a pet friendly home? Yes! Our homes are a place we can relax away from the daily grind of life with our family and friends. More often than not, we’re sharing our homes with cats, dogs, birds and more!

Many homeowners happily admit to being crazy about their pets and treating them like their best friend.

But like any BFF, your pets’ habits, belongings and decor can be a headache to live with.

Here’s some simple pet friendly home ideas to keep your home looking beautiful and your pets feeling happy and secure.


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Dog is mans best friend, a relationship that spans back to the beginning of time. Today, our relationship with dogs has evolved to where the dog is as much a part of our home and family as our children or parents.  Simply put, your home belongs to your dog as much as it does to you.  By making a few changes to the house with these dog friendly home ideas, your life will be much easier and you’ll give pleasure not only to your dog but to the rest of your family.

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