Upholsterers – What do they do?

upholstererAn upholsterer is a tradesman who can measure, cut, sew and fit cloth or leather to furnishings such as sofas and chairs.  Upholsterers are also able to apply padding and coverings for bedframes, cars and boats.

All upholsterers can craft upholstery for new furniture as well as old furniture that has reusable frames.

Almost all furniture has a wooden frame and sofas and chairs also have a coiled spring construction which is covered by a layer of loosely woven fabric which is known as webbing.  Cushions that contain padded foam are covered with upholstery material and fit on top of the webbing.  The backs and sides of sofas and chairs are usually also padded and covered in fabric. An upholsterer will fasten fabric to the underside of the furniture with staples, screws or tacks to protect it.

upholstererWhen hiring an upholsterer, check if they know how to measure, cut and sew heavy weight, durable fabrics as these are most often used for creating upholstery.

Rather than throwing out old furniture, many poeople prefer to have their furniture upcycled by an experienced upholsterer.

Upholsterers can also advise homeowners whether their chairs or couches have strong frams that are worth upcycling. They can also replace the webbing, fabric and padding as well as create soft cushions.

Some upholsterers can sew curtains and other soft furnishings. Homeowners may select upholstery and drapery that match to give their living rooms a whole new look.  Upholsterers can advise homeowners on how to clean and maintain their new drapes or furnishings.

The services an upholsterer may offer include:

  • Seat upholstery,
  • Chair upholstery
  • Seat restoration
  • Lounge suite upholstery
  • Furniture repair
  • Lounge suite repair
  • Lounge suite recovery
  • Car upholstery
  • Marine upholstery

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flooringA flooring contractor installs, repairs and maintains floor coverings in residential homes and commercial properties.  They often specialize in a specific kind of floor material, such as tiles, or offer services for all floor types.  Other specialists  may focus on groups of materials, such as vinyl and lino or wooden flooring.

Floor coverings include different types of materials like hardwood, tile, laminate, stone, carpet, vinyl and linoleum. Homeowners hire flooring contractors to prep the floor before laying of the covering, or to repair or refinish existing floor coverings. A contractor is also used to restore historic floor materials including hardwood, tiles and stone.

Homeowners will usually contact several flooring contractors to request pricing and information for their home. A contractor will generally visit the home to discuss this before providing a quote or estimate.  A contractor may also organise cleaning up and disposal of existing floor products.

Their work involves carpet, polish, sanding, carpet strippers, strip cutters, vinyl tools, knee kickers, flooring clamps, moisture meters, laminate, hardwood, softwood, cork, tile, mosaic, floorboard.

The services of a flooring contractor include:

  • Laying carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tiles, laminate flooring & other flooring materials
  • Sanding and polishing hardwood
  • Carpet modification
  • Floor repair and replacement
  • Carpet repair
  • Carpet edging
  • Floorboard repair and replacement

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fireplaceA fireplace installer is a tradesperson who installs and works with fireplaces and their surrounds.  Often the actual structural part of a fireplace isn’t built by the installer but is pre-fabricated.

Once a builder has completed the basic structure, an installer will be responsible for setting it into the structure and attach all required gas and wiring. Once it’s positioned, the fireplace installer will add the mantle and any extra trim to finish it off.

There are many different types of fireplaces and restriction in your area may affect which type your home is best suited to. These include, Wood burners, ventilated and non-ventilated gas burners.

Fireplace installers offer many service including:

  • Servicing fireplaces
  • Replacement of baffles and other running repairs
  • Testing of wood (wet wood will not burn properly and can leave solid residues of acetic and pyroligenous acids which with age is transformed by heat into hard, porous, shiny material or a flaky dust. This is called creosote and can ignite at any time)
  • Re-roping doors and resolving problems caused by stratification (which is the neutral pressure plane and the effect of negative air pressure in the home with the use of a Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge)

It is always advisable to hire a professional for any fireplace work as when dealing with a fireplace you are dealing with combustible gases, electricity, and potentially dangerous emissions, and potential fire hazards. Improper installations could easily result in disaster.

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ducted vacuumA ducted vacuum installer is a tradesperson who is skilled with ducted vacuums and has the ability to install, maintain and repair ducted vacuum systems.  Their work involves vacuums, piping, tubing, tanks, vents, extractor fans and inlet valves.

The ducted way is the easiest way to vacuum. A ducted vacuum system can be installed either into a home being built, or if a roof space is suitable, into an existing home.  The PVC piping is installed in the walls of your home and hooks up to a vacuum unit installed elsewhere.

A ducted vacuum system is also known as a built-in vacuum or central vacuum.  It’s the modern alternative to a portable vacuum and consists of four parts:

  • A power unit is installed out-of-the-way and also serves as the collection point for dirt that is vacuumed up
  • PVC pipe work or ducting connects the power unit to the inlet valves
  • Inlet valves will be located throughout your house.  When you vacuum, attach the hose to the inlet valve in the area you want to clean
  • Vacuum hoses and attachments connect to inlet valves.  The hose is usually 9 metres long and various attachments cater to for differing cleaning needs, such as hard floors, carpets, draperies or car interiors

The services of a ducted vacuum installer include:

  • Installation, maintenance and repair
  • Vacuum tank emptying
  • Installing, maintaining & fixing extractor fans

Carpets can harbour all kinds of pollutants, so you need to make sure you can remove these easily.  Portable vacuum systems can suck up these pollutants and expel fine particles back into the air.

Major benefits of a ducted system include better suction, less noise and ease of use. Get a free online quote for ducted vacuum installation today.

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Curtain Blind InstallerA curtain and blind installer is a tradesperson who has knowledge in the measuring, repair, creation, alteration and installation of curtains and blinds.

Thermal curtains and blinds will reduce heat loss through your windows.

Opening your curtains or blinds during the day and closing them before dark will allow your home to gain heat and retain some of it at night.

Closing your curtains can help keep your house cool in summer if you close the ones on the side facing the sun and open the windows.

Good curtains will reduce heat loss through windows by 40-60%. The main thing to achieve with curtains is a good seal that will stop warm air getting behind the curtain, and stop cold air between the curtain and window from getting into your room.

A curtain and blind installer will have knowledge of:

  • windows and glazing repair
  • curtains
  • curtain rails
  • blinds
  • latches
  • windows
  • shades
  • doors
  • drapes

Curtains that provide good insulation will:

  • be made from thick, thermally-backed material
  • be double layered with thick lining
  • fit tightly against the wall or window frame
  • be wider than the window frame
  • Go from floor to ceiling or have pelmets above them

Hire a professional curtain blind installer

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