LED Lighting Ideas & Benefits for Your Home or Office

led lightingLED lighting has long been the next-best thing in retail and commercial lighting by designers, but now, they’re catching on with homeowner’s thanks to their energy efficiency.  LED lighting can incur higher upfront costs. However, you don’t need to wait a long time to recover your investment in energy savings.

LED lighting

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED’s) provide many benefits as they burn cool and emit clean, colourless light similar to natural daylight. They also provide significant energy savings as they will last from 35,000 to 200,000 hours. This compares to 1,000 hours for incandescent or 8,000 for compact fluorescents. (more…)

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luxury bedroom lighting ideasWhether your luxury bedroom is a small cosy space or a grand suite, it’s probably used for more than just sleeping. While dark bedrooms are perfect for sleep, too little light can hinder other activities.  With plenty of luxury bedroom lighting ideas available, let us help you choose the right  professional tradespeople, lighting specialists and electricians to bring your ideas to life! (more…)

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If you’ve not made a list of driveway ideas, relax. The driveway is often overlooked as a functional slab of concrete or asphalt tasked with transporting your car from the street to the garage. But first impressions count and the exterior of your home is what people initially notice when visiting.

driveway ideas

With imagination and the use of the right materials, you could have an interesting driveway for a great price. Pinterest is a great place to start when making a list of driveway ideas. Pinning your favourite shapes, colours and materials to a board keeps everything in one place.


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Your master bathroom

master bathroom

You can create your personal slice of paradise by transforming your master bathroom into a spa like environment. You won’t have to travel and can escape to tranquillity in your home as often as you are able to. Keep reading to find ideas from Builderscrack for turning your master bathroom into your own at home spa retreat. (more…)

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electricianAn electrician is a tradesperson who has expertise in electrical wiring of buildings and stationary machines.

The responsibilities of electricians include bringing electricity into homes, factories and businesses.  They are able to install and maintain fuses, wiring and all other mechanisms that electricity might flow through.

They may also be qualified to set up and manage electrical equipment in factories, and be able to read blue prints to work out where outlets, circuits, load centres, panel boards and other electrical equipment is to be installed or maintained from.

The Electrical Workers Registration Board was set up in 1992 to promote safety for New Zealanders by ensuring the registration and competency of electrical and electronic workers.  If you are thinking of hiring an electrician please remember to check their registration status.

An electricians work involves the use of:

  • Pliers, cable cutters, wire benders and voltage indicators
  •  Cables, lighting, switches, sockets, transformers and meters

A qualified electrician is trained to work safely with live currents, and to minimize danger of accidents.

An electrician working on residential property will be capable of a range of tasks from completely rewiring a home to minor repairs or installation of electrical household items such as an oven, heatpump or ducted vacuum system.   The services of an electrician include wiring, rewiring, electrical refurbishments, installation of lights and lighting and renovation.

Hire professional residential or commercial electricians

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