Are You Considering Adding an Ensuite to Your Master Bedroom?

Should I build another room for my ensuite or should I alter my existing master bedroom to fit one in? It might not seem like an important question, but there are pros and cons to consider for whichever choice you make.

Adding an ensuite – should you extend or convert your master bedroom?

Installing an ensuite can vary in cost enormously depending on the choices you make. Deciding upon a budget for your renovation is therefore your first priority. Once you’ve done that, there is one other major decision you need to make…

Do you want to sacrifice space by converting your existing master bedroom? Or would you prefer to build an extension specifically for your ensuite?

Of course your budget is going to play a major role in making this decision too. But it really pays to seek the advice of an architect and/or interior designer to help you too. Identifying the pros and cons of both choices also can guide your decision making process too.ensuite to your master bedroom (more…)

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