Winterizing your House Exterior, Doors & Windows Part 2

This is part two in our three-part series “weatherproofing your home for winter”. Last week we covered inspecting fireplaces, wood stoves and chimneys. We also discussed cleaning your gutters and roofs. Read last weeks blog post. This week we cover winterizing your house exterior, doors and windows.

Winterizing your house exterior

Winterizing your House Exterior

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Ideas for home improvement projects

Your home is your castle, but now it’s the middle of winter, you’re probably tired of being stuck inside so much, especially if there’s home improvement projects you’re eager to get started on.  While some renovations just have to wait until spring or summer, there are plenty of home improvement projects you can hire a tradesperson to tackle right now!

Replace interior doors

home improvement projectsNew doors are a great way to improve your home’s interior and can really add to its style.

Replacement doors featuring raised panels, carved embellishments or frosted glass inserts all add architectural interest and depth. Or you could use glass panels to allow more light through. (more…)

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handymanIf you’ve been delaying small but important home maintenance tasks because you don’t have the time or skills to DIY then it’s probably a good time to hire a handyman.

The jobs handymen can do vary and most are more than capable of completing small-medium construction projects from remodelling a room to repairing a damaged floor.

They can also work in gardens, paint a house and troubleshoot plumbing or electrical problems even if this means having to refer you to a professional electrician or plumber to fix a major problem.  The list of jobs handymen can’t do is smaller than the list they can do.

Handymen are not allowed to do the following jobs unless they have the current legal licences and qualifications:

A Handyman can usually provide the following services:

  • Painting: Many handymen are adept painters for jobs where a professional painter and decorator aren’t required
  • Wall hangings: Hanging objects on the wall such as mirrors, paintings, and TV’s can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. A handyman knows what tools are needed to make sure the object stays fixed to the wall safely.
  • Cleaning: If your patio, pathway or driveway need cleaning, a handyman can use a pressure hose to remove grime, leaving it looking new again
  • Gardening: A handyman can be useful for many small maintenance jobs in the garden where a professional gardener or lawnmower contractor isn’t required.
  • Carpentry: If you’re needing a new door fitted or some new shelves put in, a handyman can do this along with any other small carpentry related jobs.  A licenced builder may be required for larger buildings, but a handyman can erect sheds, cubby houses or other small structures.
  • Kit and flatpack installation: A handyman has the skills and tools for installing kit/flat packed items such as furniture, carports and kitchen cabinets

Handymen usually charge by the hour, working as fast as they’re able.  There maybe additional fees for emergency or after hours jobs so check first.  Handymen are useful as they can perform a wide range of repair jobs all at once, which means you only have to call one person rather than several different tradespeople to deal with all the small problems that occur in your home.

Handymen often will pride themselves on coming up with innovative and inexpensive solutions to fix your homes problems, saving you time and money. Read more about what questions to ask when hiring a handyman.

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garage doorA garage door specialist is a tradesperson skilled in the installation, maintenance and repair of garage doors and electrical gates.

Garage Door Parts connect the sections of the door together and provide the travel mechanism and counterbalance to allow the sections to move above the door opening. The parts that join the sections together and allow them to pivot are called hinges.

The end hinges serve the dual purpose of carrying the door rollers as they travel through the vertical tracks and overhead in the horizontal garage door tracks. Wider doors are supported with struts to prevent the sections from sagging or buckling.

The tops and bottoms of garage doors have fixtures to carry the rollers. These parts are called top fixtures and bottom fixtures. These and all the other parts are connected with fasteners.  The counterbalance system comprises the door parts that lift the door above the opening. The lift is accomplished with cables attached to the bottom fixtures of the door at one end and to the cable drums at each end of the shaft above the door.

The services of a garage door specialist include:

  • Servicing doors
  • Installing garage doors
  • Fitting doors
  • Maintaining garage doors
  • Wiring garage doors

The parts providing the counterbalance torque consist of the torsion springs, cones, end bearing plates, centre, shafts and couplers. One end of each spring is secured to a bracket fastened to the jamb. The other end of the torsion spring is wound and secured to the shaft with the setscrews of the winding cone. The torque is transferred through the shaft to the cable drums and on to the cables on each side of the door.

garage door Extension spring parts differ from the hardware used on torsion spring assemblies. The springs stretch as the garage door closes and pull on cables that are supported by pulleys.

Extension spring parts provide a balanced system with the pull of the springs against the weight of the door.

Additional door parts include the weather-stripping to insulate the perimeter of the door, with astragal secured to the bottom and stop moulding on the sides and top of the opening. Windows provide light and visibility. Garage door exhaust ports allow car engines to run in the garage while routing fumes through the exhaust hoses.

Door locks and handles allow for manual operation, while openers controlled by remote transmitters and keypads are the preferred choice of operation.

Hire a professional garage door installer

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