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October 24th, 2013

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In a recent competition, Builderscrack.co.nz, a website where homeowners organise quotes from tradespeople, asked people to tell them about their dream renovation job. While most home renovation shows feature major makeovers, fewer than 5% of people who entered dreamed of rebuilding or making major renovations. Most kiwi’s have far more modest dreams of making small incremental improvements to their homes (getting their “to do” list completed), and seek warmth and security over grand designs.

Regional storms have had a big impact on what people wish for. Entrants from New Plymouth, the Hawkes Bay, Hamilton and Auckland had dreams of repairing roofs, sheds and gardens damaged by recent storms. Others sought security from the next onslaught “I want somewhere comfortable and warm, with thick windows to keep out the storm”. The arrival of winter is also clearly top of mind, with over 20% of respondents from around the country wishing for better insulation or a better source of heating.

Not surprisingly Christchurch home owners dream of a return to normality. A typical comment was “The walls are cracked, the outside cladding is falling off, the water stains have gone brown on the carpet, and the doors won’t open (or close), but I love my Christchurch home where we have raised our children. I want grandchildren to enjoy it too…eventually. I would just like to get started in recreating our home”.

Sex also has an impact on what people dream of. Women dream of someone to finish the jobs that their DIY-disaster partners haven’t completed. Despite the rise of equality, there was more than 4 times the number of woman dreaming of the perfect kitchen than men. By contrast kiwi men dream of having some space, like creating a “man cave“, building pagodas, decks and garages

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