Press Release July 2007

October 24th, 2013

23 July 2007

Proactive tradesmen outperform those responding to queries from traditional advertising

There is nothing to get the blood boiling like a bad experience with a tradesperson. However, when you think about how we tend to find tradespeople, it’s not surprising that the experience is often poor.

Most homeowners find tradesmen through the Yellow Pages, or newspapers. Advertising in these media allows builders, plumbers, roofers and other tradesmen to sit back and wait for calls to come in. Given that tradesmen with big ads can often pick and chose between jobs, they have less incentive to do a good job. New services allowing homeowners to submit their jobs to multiple tradesmen are changing that.

Keith Roberts, co-founder of one of the leading new services,, believes that there are several reasons why homeowners have had such positive experiences with tradesmen sourced through Builderscrack. “Tradies who use our service want the work. When they contact the homeowner, they are keen to win the work, and thus will make more of an effort. That is a very different dynamic from when a busy tradesman receives a call from a homeowner, which they may or may not want, or have time to deal with”

He also believes that technology helps screen out the bad Tradespeople. “Our web service encourages tradesmen to actively seek work, which means we tend to attract both motivated and well-organised tradespeople. These are also the tradesmen who tend to care more about customer service, about turning up on time and doing a good job. They understand the value of doing a good job to generate referrals”

This seems to be paying off for customers of Builderscrack. In 97% of cases, tradesmen completing jobs have received positive feedback.

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