Kiwi builders keen to ply trade in Paris

October 29th, 2013



Last updated 05:00 12/08/2009

About 100 Kiwi workers have applied to renovate a Paris home as a New Zealander, fed up with French labourers, continues her search.

Pauline Hampshire, formerly of Tauranga, advertised on for New Zealand builders to revamp her three-storey house. She has been flooded with replies, and a top New Zealand film-maker wants to make a documentary on the family’s renovation plans.

“We’ve had about 100 replies. We’re not saying we’ve settling on anything. We’re just a bit overwhelmed with all the response,” Hampshire said.

She said award-winning New Zealand documentary-maker Chas Toogood has expressed an interest in filming the project.

Toogood said: “I thought it was an interesting concept, advertising for people on the net to take them into France because she was unhappy with the local workers.”

New Zealand tradesmen have already visited Hampshire in Paris. director Keith Roberts said the level of interest in the job was unprecedented. “The jobs we usually have are in New Zealand … probably a little less sexy.”

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