Hawkes Bay Today

October 24th, 2013

March 2007

If you’re in business chances are the little jobs around the house are slowly but surely building up waiting for you to find time to get “around to it”. Former Waipukuaru man Jeremy Wyn-Harris hopes to corner the market with a “sophisticated but of fun” website called Builderscrack.

“It’s a web site that would help two sets of people right now” said Jeremy, who now resides in Christchurch. “Desperate homeowners who need plumbing, wiring or building jobs done yesterday and tradesmen looking for work. “With the high demand for tradespeople, its really really hard to get someone to fix your pipes or wire your lights”. New Zealand has plenty of talented tradesmen fresh out of their apprenticeship; are bright eyed and bushy tailed, but can struggle to get their names out into the marketplace.

“So we’ve come up with Builders crack”, Jeremy explained. “It’s a new way of linking homeowners and tradespeople”. Homeowners post jobs they need done, and tradesmen browse jobs and quote on the ones they are interested in”. So rather than homeowners having to ring around loads of busy tradespeople,a quick visit to Builderscrack will generate responses from a range of motivated and available tradespeople. And Builders crack is definitely worth a visit if you need a commercial job done. The site allows for quoting online, over the phone, or in person at the job site.

“We’ve included other features including a rating facility, and a tool that allows homeowners to estimate the approximate cost of jobs. “We think users will find this a really useful planning tool”. And of course, the competition generated by the system means Builderscrack users get the best possible price.

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