Expat wants Kiwi help

October 29th, 2013

Last updated 05:00 30/07/2009

2702173ON THE JOB: Dunedin carpenter Colin Danby wants to help renovate a house in Paris.

A New Zealander living in Paris is fed up with French labourers and plans to import Kiwis to renovate her three-storey home.

Pauline Hampshire, formerly of Tauranga, has lived in France for 20 years.

An online advertisement calling for New Zealand builders and an appeal on press.co.nz have drawn an enthusiastic response.

Colin Danby, a Dunedin carpenter, was first in line to go to Paris.

“I have got plenty of work here, but I spent a few days in France a few years ago and I’d like to go back,” he said.

“It would be something a bit different and I’d get out of the Dunedin winter.”

Hampshire said New Zealanders were better workers than the French.

“We know that Kiwis have such a great work ethic, which is very different to France,” she said. “Tradespeople here can do good work when pushed but can be very unreliable and hard to manage.”

As well as pay, she was willing to provide accommodation for suitable New Zealand workers.

“If they do a great job and finish on time, we will throw in a two-week tour of France,” Hampshire said.

Other builders contacted The Press yesterday to express interest in the job.

“I enjoy a bit of travelling and I work very hard,” said Mark Taylor, of Shannon, near Palmerston North.

“I pick up bits and pieces but it’s not really happening for me at the moment,” Taylor said.

Auckland builder Ian McCauley said he had always wanted to go to France, “and I was really quite taken by that woman’s appreciation of Kiwi builders, and I’m a Kiwi builder”.


  • Emilie says:

    I want to renovate my small pied a terre in Paris, and I need a Kiwi builder who are living in France to help me out.Please help will pay as per your quote..too frustrated with French tradesmen.they come if they wish.

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