What are Builderscrack fees & ongoing costs?

October 25th, 2013

Pricing is based on job size and is capped. Builderscrack is very low risk because you only get invoiced once you secure work (unlike traditional advertising).

All prices are in New Zealand dollars (NZD). For recurring jobs, the job cost is calculated over 4 weeks. The job cost is the total cost of the job that the homeowner pays (which may include GST).

Standard accounts are free, so you can start chasing jobs as soon as you have created your account! Builderscrack Pro is a additional service that provides extra benefits.

For a standard Builderscrack trade account the only ongoing cost of using Builderscrack is the success fee which is only charged when tradesmen win work.  For Builderscrack Pro accounts there is a quarterly or annual fee.

Current Trade Pricing is available here.


  • Janice says:

    I live in whangarei how do I get a builder from builders crack cheers

    • alana says:

      Hi Janice, thanks for getting in touch.
      You simply post a description of your repair or renovation job you need done. Keen tradespeople will then chase your job. You select the best ones and receive quotes to compare, then chose which tradie you want to do your job.
      You can post your job here https://builderscrack.co.nz/post-job.
      Get in touch if you have anymore questions.

  • Katherine O'Keeffe says:

    I have had to cancel job.l credited an amount of $345.00 to builders crack on 20th July. Gavin is the name of builder He was to build a carport at 15 St Albans Ave Mt Eden Auckland .No complaints about Gavin .I would appreciate the amount credited to my account at your earliest . Please e.mail when the amount has been deposited.
    Thank you
    Katherine Kat O’Keeffe

    • Hi Katherine,

      We do not accept payments from homeowners, so I am unsure who you have paid. I susect that you have paid the builder direct? Only tradespeople pay us – our service is free to homeowners. Please go to our site and click the contact button and contact our support staff and they will be able to help you further. I have removed your account number from your post as it is not safe to put that out there on the internet.

  • bridell mason says:

    If a job cost totals 10k and the labour component of the job equals 1.5k I ask you tracey how do you expect the tradesman to take on a 5% fee on all materials and even on the gst! And not charge the customer the $500 fee on the job they requested. To have a third of the profit taken off the tradesman as a cost they cannot gain back is extortion.

    • Hello

      Thanks for your e-mail. The cost of the builderscrack fee should be treated the same as any other expense – built into your total quote for the job. This would work in the same way you may cover the cost of advertising on other mediums, materials etc. If you’ve got any further queries please view our FAQ or contact us direct and we’ll be happy to talk further.

  • Ron says:

    hi there i have done some work through builderscrack on several occasions and i would like to know the rates that builderscrack charge to contractors as it is not clear on your our charges page as to what the cap is and at what point the cap comes in , i have recently been asked to look at a job and i have told the client the price before fee as i didnt know what the fee was and as with all jobs quoted i have quoted to as close as possible the actual cost of labour materials and cartage , i have informed the client that the price is not my final quote as i didnt know the fee , as the job involves a lot of material and a sub contractor .
    if the cap is $500 then i would not be able to do the job for the verbal quote (before BC fee added on ) i have informed the client of this and only submitted the verbal price as they wanted a price this weekend , i have no intention of circumventing the system but i would not be able to do the job for the verbal price minus $500 as this would put me at a loss
    i await your reply


    • Hi Ron

      Pricing is available here. As you will see, the maximum job fee is $500. The % we charge for non pro members is 5%. This means that the cap ($500) comes in when a job price hits $10,000. Therefore if you quote a job for $10,000 or $50,000 or $100,000 your BC fee will remain at $500.

      When you are calculating our fees, take the cost of the job that you would normally quote the homeowner and calculate 5%. This will get you our charge EXCL of GST. Add 15% GST on the 5% fee and you have our final price. For example, if you do a job for $100 inc GST, then our fees on this job would be $5 plus GST (.75).

      If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Krista says:

    Hi is it common practise for tradespeople to pass their builders crack fee on to homeowners?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your message. Builderscrack is free to homeowners and tradespeople are not permitted to pass their fees onto homeowners. Like the cost of materials, overheads, advertising all costs must be accounted for in tradespersons quote/invoice and they are not permitted to offer oen fee for going through builderscrack and another (less) fee for circumventing the system. If you have experienced this please use our contact us link and our support team will look into this for you – this is an unfair practice which penalises both honest tradespeople and homeowners.

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