How does the job chasing and quoting process work?

October 25th, 2013

When signed in, available jobs provides a list of all jobs that you have been selected to chase. This list is restricted to the trades and locations that you have selected. The list shows only the jobs that you have been sent leads for or for jobs that are still looking for tradespeople.

When you see a job that you want to quote on simply click on the job, read the job description, and click ‘Request Contact Info’. If there has been a lot of interest in the job the chaselist may be full and the ‘Request Contact Info’ button may not be available.

Once you have clicked ‘Request Contact Info’ you have the option to write a greeting note to the person that posted the job. We recommend taking the time to personalise this note.  Don’t include your contact details, the homeowner already has access to these.

You can either click the link in the e-mail we send you or you can click the link on our website. It is advised to accept or decline each job that we send you through one of these methods to keep your traderank high and ensure you get the best possible leads in the future.

The homeowner can see all the expressions of interest from tradespeople. If they decide they want you to quote on their job you will receive an e-mail to let you know. Next time you log in you will receive their contact details and can proceed with quoting. The quicker you make contact, the more likely it is you will win work.

Make sure to communicate in a very clear and professional manner and follow through on what you say you will do.  If you say you are interested in quoting, please provide a quote, or go back to explain why you will not do so. The homeowner will have the opportunity to rate you on this.

If you decide you are not interested in the job after speaking with the homeowner, click ‘Drop Job’. This clears the job from your chaselist. By clicking this button you are saying that you have decided not to do any work on this job.

By clicking ‘Grab Job’ you let us know the price of the quote you have agreed with the homeowner. Our system also allows you to quote online and make a note to the homeowner of any special conditions – e.g. you might like to say that the quote is accurate within +/- 15%.

Having provided a quote the homeowner may accept, decline or query it. Once the job is agreed upon it will be closed.  If you won the work you will be sent an invoice for our service. Please note that payment for our service is required at this point, not when you have completed the work and been paid by the homeowner.


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