What kind of jobs can I post on Builderscrack

October 25th, 2013

If you need a tradesman to help you build, renovate or fix any part of your house, then you can post your job on Builderscrack. If you would like guidance as to the types of jobs people have done, please browse our current available jobs. Builderscrack has thousands of tradesmen available to help with building, plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting, gardening, landscaping and decking work.

Builderscrack helps find tradespeople to assist with new home builds, installing a cat door, rewiring a house, fixing a fuse or installing a heatpump, unblocking a toilet, fixing a leaking pipe, painting and wallpapering a house, putting a roof on a dog house, large landscaping projects, helping out with the weeding, lawn mowing and much more.

Whatever your job, if it is to do with your house, we can help you find a tradesman. While we don’t specialise in mechanical vehicle work, we have helped people find carpenters and electricians to fix up their boats, and even customise a motor scooter for pizza delivery!


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