Disputes process

October 25th, 2013

The vast majority of customers that use Builderscrack to source tradesmen are happy with the tradesmen that they find. Tradesmen know they will be rated on the website, and so generally perform well accordingly. Customers also have the benefit of being able to read profiles and previous customer ratings before selecting tradesmen that they want to quote.

However, from time to time disputes do occur. Our policy on dealing with disputes is outlined below.

In the first instance we highly recommend that the customer and the tradesman attempt to resolve the process together. This is generally the least complicated and most expedient route. Builderscrack provides a record of all communications that have been made online during the quoting process. This information is visible and available to both parties.

Both parties should make sure they have a clear understanding of consumer rights. In particular, review what is required in terms of service quality under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Useful sources of information can be accessed here and here.

In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved, we recommend the use of an independent arbitrator or mediator. We recommend that you use AMINZ and search the professional directory on that site to find a professional that can help you to work through the issue.

Ultimately disputes (less than $15,000) can be resolved at the Disputes Tribunal.

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