Understanding the Differences Among Tradespeople Accreditations

With so many tradespeople belonging to different accreditation organisations, how do you know which one to use and what tradesmen accreditations are right for the job you want doing? Is an industry based accreditation offer the same as one from the government? We’re here to dive into the mysteries of what the most common tradespeople accreditation are. Let’s jump on in!

Tradesmen Accreditations


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One of the most popular selling points of a kiwi home is the indoor outdoor flow. Whether you’re thinking of selling or just want to realise the potential of your home and the plot it stands on, considering indoor outdoor flow is important.

Indoor Outdoor Flow

Indoor outdoor flow

The secret to unlocking the potential of both spaces is blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. This works regardless of the size of your garden compared to the size of your home. Select from our great ideas below to improve indoor outdoor flow and make the most of your property. (more…)

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Locksmiths specialize in locks, whether it be houses, safes, cars or other locks.

locksmithLocksmiths are familiar with metal locking systems, as well as electronic security systems and card-activated systems. Hire a Locksmith to install, repair, and adjust locks in everything from cars to office buildings, and they also offer services to people who are locked out or individuals who want to consult with someone about their security systems.

Locksmiths install locks on an office building, he or she usually becomes that building’s default locksmith, because of his or her presumed familiarity with the building’s locks. Some locksmiths retain extra key sets, by request, to gain quick entry when needed.

Locksmiths may provide some of the following services:

  • Install locks, deadbolts and other mechanical or electronic locking devices
  • Modify or repair such devices
  • Rekey locks
  • Make duplicate keys or cards
  • Generate or program new keys/cards for locks whose keys/cards have been lost
  • Respond to emergency calls to unlock vehicles, homes and businesses

locksmith toolsThey also keep records of the types of locks used in a structure, replacement or repair work undertaken, and any other relevant information, such as connection with a security system which demands that a code be entered when a door is unlocked. Locksmiths will carry a vast array of tools, designed for picking locks, so that they can get into locked structure and vehicles.

They also have equipment to fabricate keys, program electronic locks, and to perform other tasks related to the profession, such as diagnosing problems with electronic lock and security systems.

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A Fabricator professional works by joining metal pieces together to create products, or pieces to be used in the manufacture of other products. They usually will work in a factory type settings using safety equipment including glasses and gloves to prevent injury from flying debris, loud noises and workplace hazards.

A fabricator’s job is physically demanding, and includes lifting heavy tools or product pieces as well as standing for long periods of time.

fabrication professionalTo be able cut and shape metals, a metal fabricator will know how to read and interpret engineers’ drawings and blueprints. They must also know how to use computers as part of the metal fabrication process.

Once a fabrication professional understands what is required to fabricate a piece for a structure, they will use band saws and cutting torches to create it.

A fabrication professional will connect pieces with rivets or nuts and bolts, or bend, twist, or roll pieces into different form.

fabricatorFabricator Professional services may include:

  • signing, fitting, welding, measuring, laying out and inspecting parts
  • marking cutting lines
  • studying specifications
  • gathering materials and operating machinery

Working in this field requires use of tools including blowtorches, shears, gauges, nail sets, power saws and workshop presses.

Enterprise resource planning, spreadsheet and word processing software are other tools commonly used as well as computers.

When hiring a fabrication professional ensure they have a sound knowledge of metals and their properties, knowledge of the use and care of their equipment, understanding of safety procedures, the technical skills for drawing and interpreting plans and welding skills.

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Underground services professionals provide infrastructure installation and maintenance services.  From drilling to installation of cabling for power and communication, as well as pipelines for water, sewer, gas and stormwater. Additional capabilities include design, operation, construction and maintenance design of dewatering services.

underground servicesWhen hiring an underground services professional for drilling services, ensure that they are able to work well in a team environment, and handle projects of all sizes. They should also be certified.

Underground services professionals also include:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Communications
  • Demolition Experts
  • Excavation Experts
  • Project Managers

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