Deluxe Bathroom Renovation Costs – What You’ll Get for $30,000+

Over the last few weeks we’ve run a series of articles on bathroom renovations and what you can expect to be able to do within various price ranges. This week is our last part in the series where we’re looking at :

The deluxe bathroom renovation $30,000 to $100,000+

deluxe bathroom renovationThe deluxe bathroom renovation may also be known as a full gut job. There’s the budget for getting rid of everything and starting from scratch by having all new fixtures and fittings exactly where you want them. (more…)

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Do you want to hire a gardener, but not pay the earth? Everyone wants a bargain on services right now and hiring a gardener or landscaper is no exception.  The range of services offered by gardeners will vary considerably and as with hiring any tradesperson for your home, the lowest price doesn’t always equate to the best deal.

Quality, reliability and value for money are important to think about when hiring a gardener or accepting any quotes. Post a job on Builderscrack and have gardeners and landscape architects contact you today.

Guidelines to help you hire a gardener

hire a gardener


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Queens Birthday weekend kicks off the official start to winter. You may be thinking there’s not a lot that can be done to your home during the winter months, but think again! Here’s your very own Midwinter Home Renovation Checklist, which you can use to work out what needs doing at your home.

midwinter home renovation checklist


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BuildersA builders tasks vary widely, but generally builders will coordinate the different types of construction involved in building a house, office or other building.  An architect will usually design the structure and create blueprints and the builder will oversee the construction process.

A builder will often be involved in getting any necessary building permits and consents, and having land surveyed so they know what they’ll need in the way of drainage etc.  Once a builder has the land ready, they’ll begin building. Builders will remain on-site throughout the construction process to ensure that the structure is built correctly and according to plan.

As an example, during a new house build, a builder will initially oversee the foundations being laid, then the frame of the house being erected and then the roof.  Builders will then work with plumbers and electricians to get power and water to the house.  Other tradespeople may be employed to do different tasks. A carpenter may be required to put in flooring, landscapers to do the front yard and painters to paint the house inside and out.  As a builder will need to organise all these other tradespeople, they’ll need to know a lot about these different fields so they know that a job is being done correctly.  A builder will coordinate all the other tradespeople to ensure things are done in the correct order.

A Builders toolbox will often include:

  • Hammer and nails
  • Screws
  • Saws
  • Levels
  • Screwdrivers
  • Electrical tools

Builders may begin their job by helping the client to obtain building permits, and by surveying land in order to get a scope for how to go about building on it. Drainage and natural vegetation are usually assessed and acknowledged. Builders are on-site during construction checking that all aspects of the structure are built according to plan.

The services offered by a residential builder can vary widely. Many choose to specialize in particular types of projects, such as green homes, housing developments, custom homes, or homes of a particular style. When hiring a residential builder, a homeowner should plan to meet with multiple builders.

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