Winter Weatherproofing Your Home Part 1

winter weatherproofingThis week marks the official start of winter on the calendar. Looking at the temperatures around the country leaves us in no doubt that it’s well and truly time to get stuck into winter weatherproofing your for home.

The cold outside should make the warmth inside your home cozy and inviting, but is that outside chill seeping inside?

Over the next three weeks we’ll share some top tips on how you can winter weatherproof your home to cope with a kiwi winter. We’ve got a great mix of tips but don’t forget to share your own top tips in the comments section below. (more…)

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fireplaceA fireplace installer is a tradesperson who installs and works with fireplaces and their surrounds.  Often the actual structural part of a fireplace isn’t built by the installer but is pre-fabricated.

Once a builder has completed the basic structure, an installer will be responsible for setting it into the structure and attach all required gas and wiring. Once it’s positioned, the fireplace installer will add the mantle and any extra trim to finish it off.

There are many different types of fireplaces and restriction in your area may affect which type your home is best suited to. These include, Wood burners, ventilated and non-ventilated gas burners.

Fireplace installers offer many service including:

  • Servicing fireplaces
  • Replacement of baffles and other running repairs
  • Testing of wood (wet wood will not burn properly and can leave solid residues of acetic and pyroligenous acids which with age is transformed by heat into hard, porous, shiny material or a flaky dust. This is called creosote and can ignite at any time)
  • Re-roping doors and resolving problems caused by stratification (which is the neutral pressure plane and the effect of negative air pressure in the home with the use of a Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge)

It is always advisable to hire a professional for any fireplace work as when dealing with a fireplace you are dealing with combustible gases, electricity, and potentially dangerous emissions, and potential fire hazards. Improper installations could easily result in disaster.

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