Excavators & Earthworks Tradesmen – what do they do?

excavatorAn excavator is a tradesperson who specializes in the excavation and movement of dirt, digging and filling holes, creating holes and some landscaping.

Their work involves large-scale mechanical equipment, Backhoes, excavators and diggers are used to remove large quantities of dirt from the ground surface in a relatively short period. Upright tools, such as shovels and spades, pickaxes or mattocks, coal scoops and bucket augers are used in excavation to breakup soil and remove loose dirt fill and debris.

Earthworks are engineering projects involving soil and rock.  Earth is cheap and in plentiful supply but it can be hard to handle in large volumes. Certain properties of soils can pose problems, but these can be overcome when constructing earthworks. An earthworks professional will dig, scrape move soil to alter the landscape.  They can also compact and pact soil, bring out its clay like attributes.

During property construction, earthworks involves making retaining walls, foundations or other structures which are sometimes backed with rock.  Earthworks also includes making canals, altering rivers and roads.

Landscape Architects and Gardeners also make use of earthworks by shaping the earth to make gardens visually appealing or more practical to use.

The services of an excavator include:

  • Excavating
  • Digging holes
  • Filling holes
  • Demolition
  • Moving land & dirt
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscaping

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demolition expertA Demolition expert is a tradesperson who specializes in the demolition and destruction of something.

It takes several weeks or months to prepare a building for demolition.  Items of value are stripped from the building and other materials need to be removed, such as glass as it can form a deadly projectile, or insulation which will scatter over a wide area. Non-load bearing partitions and drywall also need to be removed.

Selected columns on floors where explosives will be set are drilled and high explosives such as nitroglycerin, TNT or C4 are placed in the holes. Smaller columns and walls are wrapped in detonating cord. The goal is to use as little explosive as possible; only a few floors are rigged with explosives, so that it is safer (fewer explosives) and less costly.

More time-consuming than the demolition itself is the clean-up of the site, as the debris is loaded into trucks and hauled away.

For small buildings, such as houses, that are only two or three stories high, demolition is a rather simple process. The building is pulled down either manually or mechanically using large hydraulic equipment: elevated work platforms, cranes, excavators or bulldozers.

A demolition experts work involves:

  • Explosives
  • Sledgehammers
  • Chisels
  • Hammers
  • Crowbars
  • Axes
  • Cat’s paw
  • Demolition drills
  • Hydraulic drills
  • Demolition hammers
  • Jackhammers

The services of a demolition expert include:

  • Chimney removal
  • Chimney demolition
  • Driveway demolition
  • Concrete demolition
  • House demolition
  • Garage demolition
  • Interior demolition
  • Exterior demolition

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