Kitchen Design Trends – What’s Hot This Year

February 16th, 2017

Believe it or not, but this year the Year of the Kitchen. Okay, well maybe we’ve exaggerated that a bit, though many homeowners will consider kitchen design trends before renovating their kitchen at some point through the year. However, this year does see the start of many new exciting kitchen trends, as well as the continuation of a few favourites. Whether you are installing a complete new kitchen or partially renovating an existing one, we’ve got you covered with these new kitchen design trends.

Kitchen Design Trends

Beautiful kitchen design trends you’ll love

It’s said the kitchen is the heart of the home for many reasons. We love to eat, we love to socialise and more recently, we love to cook! Open plan living means our kitchens are quite literally in the heart of our homes too. It comes as no surprise then that we want it to look beautiful, be functional and blend seamlessly with the rest of our home.

Kitchen Design Trends

Interior designers are predicting that 2017 kitchen design trends will continue to be minimalist in feel. Clutter will be limited, with even appliances having their own hidden storage areas. The colour white, although still popular, will start to feature less. Softer and more muted colours will appear instead, such as pale grey, green and blue.

Kitchen Design Trends

Discover the latest kitchen trend designs

Let’s look at some of the hottest upcoming kitchen design trends for this year:

  • High tech – remember when electric opening curtains were new? High tech items have now reached the kitchen too. Expect hidden phone charging ports, wireless internet and smart appliances to feature predominately.
  • Minimalist spaces – with a distinctive Scandinavian feel, kitchens will look more spacious and airy. Though this does not mean in any way will they be bland or boring. 2017’s kitchens will feature bold straight and curved lines, solid colours and plenty of storage. Appliances will be packed away in their own drawer, cupboard or butler’s pantry. Cabinetry handles will be omitted, with pull or push open cabinetry featuring instead.
  • Cabinet lighting – no more will ceiling lights be the only electric lighting source in the kitchen. Our cabinetry is set to sparkle with the installation of led lights within our cabinets. They’ll be used to highlight items within them or to simply emphasise the design of the cabinet itself.
  • Tuxedo cabinets – with white cupboards above and black below, tuxedo coloured cabinets will be very popular. If black and white are too much of a contrast, you could tweak these by choosing a pale grey and cream, or blue and grey instead.

Kitchen Design Trends

If you are planning a kitchen renovation for 2017, head over to our kitchen renovation estimator page. There you can find an approximate cost for your work. You’ll be surprised at how affordable a kitchen makeover really is.

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