New Bathroom Trends and Design You Won’t Want to Miss!

January 19th, 2017

Are you considering renovating your bathroom? Do you want to re-tile the floor or replace your bathtub? 2017 will see many new trends in bathroom design, with many others remaining in style. New bathrooms will need to be functional, modern and stylish to be future proof. To avoid making costly mistakes when renovating your bathroom, you need to keep up to date. Here are some trends we will see during the year and beyond…


2017 Bathroom Colour Options

Dark and moody colours are on the comeback. While white will remain popular, consider adding a touch of grey in a range of shades and hues. Look to add splashes of darker colours in tiles, feature walls, furniture and bathroom accessories. Stay away from shiny finishes and stick to matt ones instead. Neutral and natural colours from our environment will also play a large role in bathroom colours in 2017 too. But just like grey, stick to smaller areas with your bolder colours, with most the room being decorated in white or neutral shades.


Bathrooms are Bringing the Outdoors Inside

We’re favouring organic produce over food grown with pesticides. It’s no wonder that designers are picking that our bathrooms will use more natural materials too. We will begin to see more timber used in bathrooms. Floorboards, walls and furniture are more likely to be wooden. Natural stone use will increase, with slate and polished concrete also being popular. As natural materials can be expensive, there will be a lot of replicated manmade ones used instead for areas such as vanity tops and floors too.



Minimalist Bathrooms

The Scandinavian influence remains in trend. Expect to see bathrooms furnished with only the bare necessities. This will require more storage solutions than our bathrooms currently have. Open shelving, cupboards and vanities will help store all those toothbrushes and body lotion away nicely. Many of these cupboards will be wooden, but as the bathroom is always a humid area, ensure that they are either treated or of a hardwood known not to rot.

2017 Trends in Bathroom Accessories

Black is back and is taking over the tapware in both kitchens and bathrooms. However, this is likely to be short lived. Black tapware will stain quickly and become tarnished. If you are okay with replacing it in a few years, it will be fine to install. If not, then you are best sticking with polished or brush chrome.

Choose freestanding baths with either legs or those with bases which sit directly on the ground. White is the popular colour choice, though a coloured feature bath may not look all that weird. But like the black tapware, be prepared to replace it when fashion trends change. Hanging basins and vanities will also remain in style, with porcelain tops rather than acrylic ones.



As with anything else, the quicker you get started, the sooner you finish. Head over to our job cost estimator page to find out how much a bathroom renovation could cost you. Our bathroom specialists are ready to help bring your dream to reality, so list your job today!

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