Converting Your Garage Into a Teenager’s Bedroom

December 8th, 2016

Thinking about getting your teenager out of your hair by sending them to boarding school? Well there is actually another option and that’s converting your garage into a teenagers bedroom instead. The pros are that you’ll still be able to keep an eye on them and they’ll have their own space. Cons would be that they still have the potential to be surly and irritate you.

teenagers bedroom

But all in all, a garage conversion is a great idea for increasing the liveable space in your home and raising your home’s value. It’s also a great if you don’t have the land space to add another room extension.

Planning to convert your garage into a teenagers bedroom

While it may seem the ideal easy solution, there’s more to a garage conversion than removing the car and laying some carpet. Depending on where you live in NZ, building regulations may vary between local councils. That makes engaging the services of a local builder who understands your council’s requirements your first port of call.  We can help you with this. Head over to our List Your Job page and request quotes from our team of local building professionals.

Next you’ll need to think about your existing garage.

teenagers bedroom

If it is attached to your home with an internal door, it’s most likely built using similar materials. A garage which stands alone may not and will most probably require more work to bring it up to Building Code. Also any work which affects the weather tightness or structural integrity requires a Building Consent and work completed by a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Creating a teenager’s bedroom by converting your garage

During the conversion work, your building team will consult with you about:

  • Insulating walls and ceiling
  • Installing windows and doors
  • Organising ventilation and heating
  • Upgrading the electricals
  • Replacing the garage door
  • Raising the concrete floor level
  • Additional bracing for walls and ceiling
  • Adding a waterproof membrane to walls and floor

As you will be changing your garage from a car parking spot to a bedroom, it will need to be habitable. That requires it also to be protected from external moisture, have smoke alarms installed and even the roof may need to be replaced.

teenagers bedroom

However, because there is a structure already in place, a conversion costs around 50% less than building a new room. It’s also important to consider where you are going to park your car after the bedroom is complete. Are you going to build a carport or another garage?

teenagers bedroom

A garage bedroom conversion for a teenager may seem like an easy DIY job, but it’s not. It will require council approval and possible restricted building work.

Converting a garage illegally can set you back a $60,000 fine.

So make sure that you engage the services of professional tradespeople, such as our team here at Builderscrack to organise your new teenagers bedroom.


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