6 Tips for Tradies: Attracting More Clients With Your Profile Picture

June 9th, 2016

In this inter-connected world where being able to make a good contact often is equal to having a successful business, the first impressions we make in communication are increasingly important. Clients are making decisions in online marketplace based on their “feel” more than on careful consideration of all the available information, simply because the amount of information is overwhelming.

In a published experiment research, a Princeton University psychologist concluded that participants have made their value judgments about other people in the first 1/10th of a second after seeing their portrait picture.

profile picture

A clear headshot with a confident smile will build trust among homeowners

Homeowners here at Builderscrack are no different. To win their job offer, you need to take a look from their perspective. They have a problem which they want to be solved without any additional trouble, so they have to choose most reliable and trustworthy contractor available. They’re going to use your profile picture!

Also in a decision making process often someone else is involved, either their boss, spouse or a significant other. How will you impress them all in just one glance? Simply, by showing your friendly and confident face, and nothing else that will distract them from deciding to hire your personality.

They don’t want to see how much equipment you have, that’s a given that you are professional and have all the tools for the job. What they want to see and ultimately to meet is the right person who will help them solve their problem. If you are going to show some of your tools, (as pictured above) ensure they complement your face and do not distract or take away from you.

profile picture

While this photo shows a tradie at work, you can’t see his face. This is a bad example of a profile photo.

Tips on attracting more clients with your profile picture

These simple steps will help you make a decent profile picture in short amount of time, without having to break the piggy bank.

You don’t have to buy better clothes, change your hairstyle or invest in expensive lighting setup. Just do this:

  1. Find a whitish wall that is in a shade or near the window. Just make sure there is enough light but the sun is not shining directly at you. Turn off any artificial lights.
  2. Use a selfie stick or ask someone to take the picture. If you’re alone, it would be the best if you can use the timer function on your camera or smartphone. This way the camera will take the picture with a couple of seconds delay, enough for you to move your arm back after pressing the shutter button.
  3. Squint your eyes. Now, this one is tricky to explain, but essentially you want to make your eyes “smile”. At the same time pretend there is a small text in front of you that you are trying to read. That will put some intensity to your gaze, but you don’t want to overdo it.
  4. Tilt your head just a bit forward, so your jawline is more accentuated. That will remove any double-chin problems and make your face more defined, slimmer and more confident looking.
  5. Drop down your arms by the sides and tuck your elbows in. That will make you look slim and can widen your shoulders.
  6. Turn your face slightly away from camera, but look into the lens. Now tilt your head forward as well. This is optional, you may choose to front-face the camera, but this angle might be more interesting. In this position you may choose to slightly raise one of your eyebrows, but not too much. Try to accomplish friendly and inviting expression.

Having more ideas and tricks or any questions? Send us a message in the comments section.

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