Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas – Renovation & Decoration

July 2nd, 2014

Tween Boy Bedroom IdeasTween boys are at a complex stage where while active and playful amongst friends, it’s important that they don’t feel they’re seen as being childish.

When undertaking bedroom renovations and thinking up decoration ideas for tween boys it’s important to remember this whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional decorator.

Tween Boy Bedroom IdeasTween girls start wearing make up and following fashion like many women do, but tween boys will also copy their adult counterparts.

The tween years can be an odd time for boys. They begin to discover their aspirations and talents which make them unique individuals.

Heading towards manhood, they’ll start to express and assert their independence, wanting their bedroom renovations and decor to reflect this. If you’re looking for some tween boy bedroom ideas for decorating and renovating then read on.

Tween Boy Bedroom IdeasSports themes are generally the go-to for tween boy bedroom ideas. With the FIFA world cup happening, soccer themed bedrooms are currently very popular but basketball or anything played with a ball on a field attracts loads of tween fans.  There are a wide range of decor options offering affordable sports league themed bedding.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the choices and options available it’s easy to hire a painter or decorator to work with you to create the best room for your tween son.

More tween boy bedroom ideas

If your son is an avid collector or has some trophies and sports memorabilia from school, display them! It can be rewarding for them to be displayed in the bedroom.  If your son is anything like mine was, he’ll have 20+ caps. A hat rack installed on the wall helps to store them and show them off.

Tween Boy Bedroom IdeasWhen you choose a colour palette for the tween boys bedroom, think about using his favourite sports teams colours but remember to keep it neutral enough to balance out other items in his room and still flow with the general feel of the rest of your house.

If you use lots of bright colours it’s a good idea to consider contrasting them with shades of white.

Tween Boy Bedroom IdeasExtreme sports are very popular at the moment especially surfing and skateboarding amongst kiwi teens.  If you don’t live near the beach it’s easy enough to bring the beach to the bedroom without dragging sand through your house!  The walls can be painted a nice calming blue. A feature wall with removable decals or stickers of a surfer or surfboard can make a nice addition. It can be updated later down the track.  Boys who are skate crazy can have their old boards mounted on display on the walls also.

Large posters can be framed and hung. If you use a quality frame you can replace the posters in the frame as your tweens interests change.

If your tween is artistically minded or needs some friendly reminders from mum or dad written down from time to time, painting the wall with chalkboard paint is a good idea so he’s got something to doodle on.

Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom ideas for a music loving tween

It’s common for boys to start to develop an interest in music at this time. Whether they’re interested in ‘old fashioned’ vinyl or the digital download, you can easily design a bedroom around your tween sons music tastes.

It’s more than likely he’ll have a lifelong passion for music. That means the decor you pick out will continue to be relevant and interesting for some time.

If your tween plays a musical instrument then plan the bedroom around his practice space.  A rug defining the practice area is good. So is a bean bag or lounge chair for him and/or his mates to use while jamming together.  Musical instruments can be kept easily out-of-the-way with a storage rack on the wall.

What ideas for tween bedrooms have you found successful and not so successful? Share your experiences below.

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