Fair Go: Great Outcome for Disabled Woman Using Builderscrack

May 15th, 2014

Fair Go reports on a savvy neighbour and kind-hearted building company sourced through Builderscrack help out a disabled woman stung by defaulting tradie.

Watch the full Fair Go report here.

fair go

Fair Go and Builderscrack save the day!

Joan Dance sourced Clint Norton of Norton Fencing $10,900 through a newspaper ad to fence her section. She wanted to make it safe for her collie dog and to install an electric gate. Joan is disabled and uses a walking frame and a mobility scooter. This job would make it easy for her to get in and out of her section.

Norton Fencing did not finish the fencing work and didn’t install the electric gate. They would not return to the job despite months of phone calls. Joan’s neighbour Irene, through the Builderscrack website, found a company willing to finish the job for free – ASAP Contracting did the fence work and Mennie Electrical connected the electric gate.

Joan now has a safe section for her beloved pet. She can easily and safely come and go from her home independently. What a fantastic outcome!

fair goBeing able to read reviews of ASAP Contracting on the web meant Joan could get some legitimate  feedback from other homeowners before engaging a tradie. This proved to be a safer way to find a tradie than through a newspaper ad.

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