Laundry in the Kitchen – Catching on in New Zealand or Not?

December 3rd, 2013

laundry in the kitchenHaving your washing machine and dryer or laundry in the kitchen isn’t that common here in New Zealand, yet.  It’s a trend that is seen in European cities and is catching on in the USA in big cities and smaller apartments where space is at a premium.

Does having the extra counter space over under counter appliances make up for the inconveniences of having your laundry in the kitchen or do you still prefer it to be in the garage or separate room?

Advantages to having your laundry in the kitchen

  • The kitchen is a ‘wet space’ with lots of other plumbing already installed
  • The flooring is suitable in case of accidental spills or overflows
  • It’s central to your homes layout, so it’s an easy place to get the laundry on while you’re preparing dinner

laundry in the kitchenThere are a few potential drawbacks to having your washing machine and dryer co-exist with your fridge and oven –

  • Noise – having your dryer, washing machine and kitchen appliances all going at once may be noisy
  • It may not be possible to close off your kitchen/laundry from other parts of the house
  • If bench space is at a premium, sharing the newly folded washing with a cake that’s cooling may be problematic
  • Laundry machines may take up precious kitchen storage space

Handy tips for managing your washing in the kitchen

  • Have your washing machine and dryer in a cupboard or behind a curtain so they are out of sight when they’re not being used
  • Try under counter cabinets so they don’t look that different to your other kitchen appliances
  • Only take washing into the kitchen when you’re going to put it straight into the machine
  • Do small loads often to avoid your kitchen being overtaken with washing if you have a designated washing day

laundry in the kitchenWhat do you think of having the kitchen and laundry sharing space with each other?  If you’re unsure whether it’s a good idea for your home, consult a kitchen designer today and share your thoughts below.

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