Walk in Shower or Wet Room? Consider the Benefits

October 22nd, 2013

walk in showerThe pressures of modern life have contributed towards us having hectic lifestyles, while we constantly rush around without time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Add to this the need to save money on heating and water, you’ve got one of the biggest contributing reasons to the increased popularity of a walk in shower compared to a bath tub.

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Condensation from the shower can seep into any porous bathroom surfaces and mould, and mildew will grow. This happens especially often with showers that are ill-fitting or cheap. Furthermore,  serious health risks occur when harmful bacteria are released into the air. Not only is it hard work to clean, cutting further into your busy schedule, it is a real health risk.

walk in showerAvoid the conditions that help mould and mildew prosper and it’s highly likely you are saving your house from expensive repairs. When water seeps into timber, it can cause a large number of problems, including both wet and dry rot. This could mean your entire bathroom becomes unusable and needs replacing if left unchecked.

Benefits of a walk in shower

  1. The entire shower area will remain cleaner. This is because there are fewer nooks and crannies for mould to grow and water to become trapped in
  2. The room will benefit from reduced condensation
  3. Mould and mildew problems almost non-existent
  4. Shower surfaces are easier to clean
  5. You reduce health concerns
  6. Walk in showers can increase the resale value of your home as they are beneficial to the ageing population

walk in showerAs you can see, there are many benefits to having your home designed with a walk in shower. If you’re unsure about making such a decision, then find a trustworthy tradesperson through Builderscrack who can help you through the process and ensure you get a quality walk in shower enclosure or wet room.

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