Outdoor Surfaces – Quality & Budget Friendly Ideas

October 1st, 2013

outdoor surfacesStreet appeal makes a home feel welcoming when you return from a hard day at work, but is also important when you’re renting out or selling your home. Outdoor surfaces like paths, pool surrounds, decks, patios and courtyards should look great and be durable and practical to maintain.

Combine your outdoor surfaces with softscape elements like water features, shrubs and flowers to connect your garden with your indoor-outdoor living areas.

Untidy, weed-filled driveways, paths and patios have the potential to knock thousands off the sale of your home, so resurfacing your outdoor surfaces might just end up paying for itself! Get a free quote from Builderscrack today. If you’re making your house more appealing for your own pleasure rather than selling, then it’s worth having a look at materials for outdoor surfaces that will last long-term and be low maintenance.

Types of outdoor surfaces

Stamped concrete

outdoor surfacesThis is where concrete is fashioned to look like slate, timber or natural stone using a stamping technique. It offers a natural-looking finish for a cost that’s a fraction of the real thing and is actually harder wearing.

It’s no good for sloping areas as the smooth finish can make it slippery and therefore, potentially unsafe to walk, bike or drive on. Stamped concrete is best for driveways, paths and patios because of it’s textured surface.

Stamped concrete is a very involved process and isn’t recommended for DIYers. Get an estimate or quote from a tradesperson at Builderscrack. As a rough guide, it takes three people about two days to lay an average-sized driveway.

Stencilled concrete

outdoor surfacesThis is where the effect of paving is made by using a stencil over concrete. It’s cheaper than paving and means you won’t have to worry about weeds, movement and sinking. There’s a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from.

However, the finish isn’t as good as stamped concrete so it doesn’t look like proper paving upon close inspection. It’s best for paths, driveways and patios.

It takes a lot of skill to achieve a good outcome so beginner DIYers should undertake only small areas. To lay 50m2 in a day will take three people, then another day after that to lay the stencil.

Natural stone

outdoor surfacesNatural stone is used and cut to meet the needs of your path, drive or patio. Commonly used stones include travertine, sandstone and granite.

Natural stone is long-lasting and has a unique look to it. Thickness, texture and colour all vary within types and to cut it; you need a brick saw.

It needs sealing after it’s been laid and can be one of the most expensive options. It’s best reserved for pool surrounds and front entrances for that grand effect. If you’re going to DIY, you’ll need to either buy calibrated stone or sort pieces into similar thicknesses to have an even surface.

Hiring tradespeople via Builderscrack can have a 50m2 area completed in approximately two days by two people.

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