Creating Your Dream Home Movie Theatre

July 2nd, 2013

home movie theatreSaturday night at home in the middle of winter, the fire is blazing and the curtains are closed to the outside world. You’re snuggled up on the couch ready to watch the latest Netflix release but something’s missing – your own home movie theatre!

So what’s stopping you? Start finding qualified tradespeople in your area to design and build your home movie theatre! Like all home renovation projects, time spent researching and planning your home movie theatre and finding the right tradesperson, pays off when you’re relaxing in your comfy leather movie chair, popcorn and remote control in hand.

Home movie theatre

Equipment overview

home movie theatreYou’ll need a DVD player or on demand service such as Freeview, SkyTV or Netflix to bring the signal into your home movie theatre.  From there a digital receiver or smart TV will decode the audio and play it back. It’s critical to have a sharp clear high-definition (HD) screen for viewing movies.

While a TV is an option, you may consider a screen with a projector, but your budget and individual taste will decide what display technology you use.

HDMI or DVI video cables are needed to move the video signal from the source to your TV or projector. Make sure that your DVD player, satellite service and TV are all compatible with the video cables. Speakers and a subwoofer are also an important part of your home movie theatre, surrounding you in major sound.

Professional installation

Knowing which wiring and cable to buy, let alone installing it, is not for faint hearted. Builderscrack recommends hiring an expert to help you out. Qualified professionals will know both what to buy to suit your budget and room, and will ensure secure and high-quality results in your home movie theatre.

Surround sound

home movie theatreWith the right kind of speakers placed right around the room, sound coming from the TV will literally surround you. This brings alive the movie experience.  The size of your speakers can be varied, and they don’t have to be huge things stacked floor to ceiling.

They can be tucked away on shelves around the room. Tower speakers can enhance the quality of surround sound also.


Installing acoustic tiles and boards on your ceiling and walls will significantly improve the sound quality of your home theatre. Carpet is a must as hard flooring will not absorb the sound. Adding a thick pad under the carpet will absorb sounds and increase the comfort of your indoor movie theatre. Hire a contractor via Builderscrack to advise and install the right materials.


home movie theatreYou’ll need to be able to dim the lights to enhance the quality of your movie watching experience. Lights should all direct down onto the walls and floor – never towards the ceiling.  Find out about getting a remote control for lighting, which will let you adjust the lighting from your movie seat.

A qualified electrician will help you make the best choices for your indoor movie theatre.

Finally, furniture

home movie theatreIndoor movie theatre furniture is available to suit every budget and taste.  You may like to install specialty home theatre seating with comfortable armrests and reclining features, or everyday recliners.  Online auction sites are a great place to pick up quality second-hand furniture.

A handyman or cabinet-maker can spruce up second-hand pieces that need it.

home movie theatreGo all out and install a fireplace, remote-controlled curtains, a mini-kitchen or a full bar to serve snacks and drinks! The sky (or your budget) is the limit!  A media server is a great way to store your movie collection as well streamlining your viewing and storage experience.

Installing your own indoor movie theatre takes time, effort and expense. Hire professional tradespeople via Builderscrack to be sure of a top quality result.  The enduring value and pleasure you’ll get will make it worthwhile, plus your home’s value will likely to increase as it’s a premium feature that home buyers would love to have.

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