Decorating a Kid’s Bedroom? Ideas for Lighting, Storage and Themes

March 26th, 2013

Kid's Bedroom

Your kid’s bedroom is a space for him or her to  relax, play with friends and spend time alone.

When decorating a kid’s bedroom, ask them questions. This way you’ll understand what they want and can present them with some options.

This will help you get them interested in making their own choices and teach them about compromise and staying within a budget.

The whole process of decorating a children’s bedroom can make for some great parent-child bonding time. Embrace those things that are special about your child and let their personality shine through. Builderscrack have some tips to help you do this.  But if you are unsure where to start, you can hire a decorator or colour consultant to help!

Considering colours and themes for a kid’s bedroom

kid's bedroom

Choose a theme

Consider your child’s interests and favourite colours when deciding on a theme. You could use colour, a favourite movie or item as a theme. It’s not necessary to dedicate every aspect of the room to a theme. While this could be great fun, it may have limited appeal as your child grows up.

Kid's Bedroom

Paint and wall murals

Select a soft soothing colour for the walls that will promote rest and relaxation but is also light enough to create a comfortable space for them to play in. If your child is younger, they’ll use it for a while. So choose a base wall colour that will grow with the child and only update other parts of their bedroom.

A colour consultant from Builderscrack can advise you on colour choices. It’s worth noting though, that blue and green are restful colours, while a soft shade of off-white is also soothing and cheerful while providing neutrality. Remember to choose non-toxic or eco paints where possible.

Wall murals or stickers of their favourite characters upon the wall will be a big hit. These accessories make the walls stand out in their own right and are easily updated.

Kid's Bedroom

Choosing accessories for a kid’s bedroom

Bedding, curtains, and rugs

Choose items that co-ordinate with the colours and theme your child has selected.  Fabrics and rugs can  match the colour on the walls or include brighter shades to add accents to the bedroom.

Choosing the right curtains adds style points so try not to use thick or dark curtains, which will make the bedroom look old.

Consider using an interior decorator from Builderscrack for professional advice. Remember to keep it light, mixing and matching colours for a lively feel to the room. If you select the right carpet or rug, your room will look amazing.

kid's bedroomStorage

Create plenty of space for your child to store their things by incorporating a range of storage options into her bedroom including shelves, storage bins and book cases.

Include spaces where your child can display their treasured belongings.

Use this as an opportunity to help your child learn about organization and keeping their room tidy.

Kid's Bedroom


You may be able to re-paint existing furniture or get second-hand furniture and ‘do it up’ for less cost than purchasing brand new.

If you are looking to save money but still want new furniture, how about using flat-packed furniture?

A handyman or cabinet maker from Builderscrack can restore old furniture, create purpose-built furniture and customised storage options to suit your child’s bedroom.


Lighting in any room is a very important aspect of home decor that is often neglected or overlooked. Being able to brighten or dim the lights in your child’s room is really handy.  There is also the option of getting some inexpensive LED lights and aim them at areas where  you want highlighted.

It’s a good idea to work with basic colours and styles, adding accessories and decorative touches throughout the room. When your child grows out of the current trend, you’ll only have to update a small number of things not a complete redecoration of his or her room.

Kid's Bedroom

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