Kitchen Trends: Modern and Stylish Kitchen Ideas

March 19th, 2013

Kitchen trends: small details can make or break!

Kitchen trends revolve around a mix of beauty and function. Having a great kitchen designed for easy of use has dictated the kitchen trends we see today. Like all home decor, trends do change.

This makes it important to ensure your kitchen styles can be easily changed. An open plan kitchen is popular nowadays. With large open spaces, it gives homeowners plenty of entertaining options. But there are many small aspects of your kitchen style which need to be considered too.

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Tucked-away appliances

The latest trends are towards integrating appliances into kitchen cabinetry.  Mini refrigerators, trash compactors and other appliances can be tucked away into a kitchen island or cabinetry.

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Dishwashers can also trend toward furniture looks, so the design of your kitchen is the focal point, not the appliances.

Kitchen lighting

It’s eye candy for the kitchen! The best type of lighting is a layered mixture of task and ambient lighting. Under-cabinet LED lighting is also becoming popular.

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Stylish kitchen sinks

A stylish sink can drastically change the look of your kitchen. While there are now endless possibilities with today’s sinks, large, deep sinks to accommodate larger pots and pans remain popular.

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While the debate between the single or double bowl still rages, homeowners are tending to choose the single bowl option. Due to the durability and flexibility, stainless steel sinks remain popular. Hire a plumber to install your new sink.

Neutral colour schemes

The use of neutral colours in the kitchen is on the rise. Furthermore, it won’t be just one colour that trends, but rather a combination of colours. Mix up neutral-coloured cabinetry with a pop of a bright colour for small accents in the kitchen.

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A variety of colours can provide visual interest and give your kitchen an updated look. Also, you can use services of an interior decorator or colour consultant.

Fancy appliances

Appliances with gourmet cooking features such as professional gas ranges and induction cook tops are popular. Kitchen appliances that do double-duty and save space are must-haves. Microwaves that double as second ovens and warming drawers, and fridges with multi purpose or convertible drawers are popular. Finally, vintage and retro looking appliances are also gaining popularity.

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Exploring different kitchen trends and features

Decorative range hoods

Want to glitz up your kitchen? Decorative range hoods are quickly overtaking the conventional stainless steel trapezoid-shaped hood in popularity. Some decorative hoods have built-in LED lights, giving the appearance of an ornamental chandelier over a kitchen island. Finally, remember to book an electrician to install your new range-hood.

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Glass splash back

Add some more glamour to your kitchen with a single sheet, back-painted glass splash back. It’s easy to clean and reflective, which adds a polished decorative touch to the kitchen.

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Also it’s important to note, glass mosaic tile sheets are also increasing in popularity.

Bring in the professionals

Allow plenty of time to find the perfect kitchen designer for your project. Use Builderscrack to find and interview several professional kitchen design experts before settling on the right person and starting your renovations. Remember, it might take longer than you wished because you are shopping around, but will be worth it.

Be aware of your budget

Take into account every cost you can imagine. Get a trade cost estimate online from Builderscrack. Categorise the costs, products, building materials, professionals’ responsibilities and other details into a project management system. This could be a diary or an online system available on your smart phone and PC.

Be inspired: for more inspirational kitchen design ideas follow Builderscrack on Pinterest.

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