EQC Help Specialists – what do they do?

November 5th, 2010

eqc helpWith the earthquakes in Christchurch in 2010 and 2011, people may need help in dealing with EQC and EQR (Fletchers construction).

If you are in need of advice or help, then you can now get help with project managers and builders with experience in dealing with both EQC and EQR.

Usually these people have worked as EQC inspectors in the past providing incredible useful insight in to the process.

Easy Ways to Quake Safe Your Home has tips  gives you tips on how to prevent damage and injury from earthquakes.

EQC Help specialists may assist with claims for Canterbury residents

Hire an EQC help specialist

Fletcher EQR is the Project Management Office established by the Earthquake Commission (EQC) to project manage the repair of homes damaged in the earthquakes, where the damage is estimated at up to $100,000 plus GST per claim.

Repairs estimated at less than $15,000 plus GST are normally cash-settled by EQC, except where structural damage is involved. Fletcher EQR is a business unit of The Fletcher Construction Company.

What to do during an earthquake

  • Quickly drop, cover and hold.
  • Drop to the ground (to avoid falling).
  • Take cover under something strong, like a sturdy desk or table.
  • Hold onto it until the shaking stops.

eqc help

  • Don’t try to run in an earthquake.
  • You’re generally safer inside than outside

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