Re-wire house cost ball park estimates

Older houses (eg houses built between 1900 and 1960) were not designed for today's lighting loads and multiple appliances. Re-wiring with tough plastic sheath, circuit breakers and residual current devices can reduce the risk of hazards such as electric shock and fire. The cost of re-wiring depends on the age of the house, access and other factors, but the estimate below provides a ball-park range that can be improved upon by an electrician.

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Small house (approx 100sqm)
Medium house (approx 200sqm)
Large house (about 300 m2) (approx 300sqm)

Re-wire house

Newer house (post 1960)
Older house (pre 1960)

Our 'ball park' estimate

Labour & Materials: $5,000 - $23,750
Fixtures: $0
Total: $5,000 - $23,750

This is very approximate and is the expected values of common configurations. Now you have an approximate idea of costs, post a job now to get a actual quotes from quality rated tradesmen.