Decking cost ball park estimates

A fantastic way to bring the outdoors in, decks are high on the must-do list for kiwi's. The price of having a deck built varies according to its size, materials, and complexity. Split level decks will cost you more, as will stairs and seats, but in particular you should budget more if your deck will need substantial foundations (eg decks well above ground level on sloping land etc). Another thing to keep in mind are various consent requirements. Ask a tradesperson about this or visit your local council's website.

You can narrow and refine the estimate below by selecting specific options (if any) and clicking Update Estimate.


approx 10sqm
approx 30sqm
approx 50sqm


Simple, but with steps and seating
Split level with seating
Super simple
Upper story



Our 'ball park' estimate

Labour & Materials: $2,500 - $27,500
Fixtures: $0
Total: $2,500 - $27,500

This is very approximate and is the expected values of common configurations. Now you have an approximate idea of costs, post a job now to get a actual quotes from quality rated tradesmen.