Preparing for winter – 3 things you can do right now

preparing for winterAutumn’s begun in earnest with a noticeable chill in the air recently. If you’re anything like us you’ve been looking longingly at your heater wondering if it’s too soon put it on in the evenings or if now’s the time to hire a handyman to chop  and stack some wood for your fire.

There’s been a fair bit of discussion in the news recently about electricity prices increasing up to 24% and this is largely driven by the fixed cost of lines, so using less power won’t actually bring your power bill down all that much.

Shop around to ensure you’re still getting the best deal on power and gas this winter. Continue reading

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Female Tradespeople Are In Demand. You May Be Surprised Why!

female tradespersonThere’s been a noticeable demand for female tradespeople here at Builderscrack over the past couple of years. One of the reasons cited for homeowners using our service was the ability to specify in their job listing that they’re seeking a female tradie, rather than having to ‘ring around’ to find one.

Not only do women like to hire female tradespeople for perceived security reasons, but men also sometimes prefer the services they can provide.  However, there’s also a definite shortage of women going into both apprentices and trades in general.

If you’re a female looking to turn your existing talents at decorating or fixing things around your home, there’s work waiting for youModern Apprenticeships are also available in traditional trades such as building, plumbing and electrical work and they’re certainly not exclusively ‘jobs for men’ anymore!

Research reveals that a women’s attention to detail is the most highly sought after skill when hiring female tradespeople.  For example,  one company actively markets that they have women tradies. “Shelley is sympathetic to customers. When she’s in someone’s home, Shelley takes extra care – for example, a customer rang up and said she’s found Shelley sitting at her dining table.  Shelley was checking to see that the placement of the heater ensured you couldn’t see the cords etc while sitting down for dinner – the boys would never think of that.”

What do homeowners feel female tradesmen do better?

  • Attention to detail (66 per cent)
  • Allows the client to feel safer alone in the house (54 per cent)
  • Provide a better service (45 per cent)
  • More reliable/punctual (46 per cent)
  • Better ability to multi-task (42 per cent)

If you’re a female tradesperson looking for more work sign up today. In your business blurb let your customers know what services you offer and how being a female tradie benefits them.

If you’re a company with female tradies working for you, let homeowners know both in your business blurb and your introductory note to homeowners when chasing jobs.

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3 Questions To Ask Before Buying An Old House

Buying an old homeOld villas and bungalows can be charming, but with age, often comes problems.

Even with a ‘newly renovated’ historic home, it pays to check it out thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line. Builders, Valuers and Property Inspectors all come in handy when it comes to buying an old house.

Before buying an old house, have it checked out by a professional home inspector. Buying an old house is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make in your lifetime – but why would you choose to fork over more money if you don’t have to? Continue reading

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6 ideas a for budget bathroom makeover

budget bathroom makeoverA total bathroom renovation potentially costs tens of thousands of dollars, which may not be realised at sale time if you’re planning on selling your home. Or, if you’re renovating a bathroom in a rental property, updating smaller parts of the bathroom can still have a serious impact.

Whether its lighting or plumbing fixtures, cabinetry or new tiles, you can give the bathroom a whole new look with a budget bathroom makeover.  A fresh coat of paint or using drywall to provide texture are two great ways to update the walls. Continue reading

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We’re Hiring! Business Development Role with Builderscrack

We’re hiring – are you looking for a Business Development role with exciting start-up (that’s us!)

Job description6002-trade_register is New Zealand’s leading website helping homeowners find the best tradespeople with least effort. Kiwi homeowners have posted 50,000 jobs on our site, and that number is growing rapidly creating significant opportunities. is run by a small diverse team who are 200% focused on improving the building and renovation experience for both home owners and tradespeople

We are looking for a smart, self-motivated person to build new relationships with strategic partners and help shape the future of our business. We want to hear from you if you are someone who:

  • can relate to everyone from the local construction firm through to the CEO’s and CMO’s of leading NZ companies

  • enjoys identifying what can be made to work better (and then being the sort of person who doesn’t rest until you have made it happen)

  • know’s how to pitch an idea, and can also quickly see new opportunities that arise during conversations with partners

  • understands how to use digital marketing for cross-promotions

  • know’s how to report back to a team and critique your own efforts

  • enjoys listening to and helping our customers

You will be happy to work in a culture that rewards high performance. We can be flexible if you want to work part time or full time – we will be more focused on the results you deliver.

You will be home-based, in Auckland, with your own car and home office, but a part of an enthusiastic and supportive team operating out of Auckland and Christchurch.

Once you have checked out our website and seen that our service is awesome (and spotted some things we could be doing better), write a letter to us to let us know how you think you can help our business improve. Let us know your thoughts on who we should partner with, and why you are the person to drive those partnerships forward.

We look forward to meeting you.

e-mail your letter and CV today!

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10 Dog Friendly Home Ideas

Dog is mans best friend, a relationship that spans back to the beginning of time. Today, our relationship with dogs has evolved to where the dog is as much a part of our home and family as our children or parents.  Simply put, your home belongs to your dog as much as it does to you.  By making a few changes to the house with these dog friendly home ideas, your life will be much easier and you’ll give pleasure not only to your dog but to the rest of your family. Continue reading

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2014 Landscape and Garden Trends

2014-garden-decoration-design-models-1Landscape and garden trends in 2014 focus on personalising your outdoor space to accent your own tastes. This revolves around the themes of colour, sustainability, detail and simplicity.

While a range of different trends have evolved in New Zealand over the last few years, we’re focusing today on a few we’ve noticed coming through Builderscrack when homeowners are looking for gardeners or landscapers.

Outdoor living expands your homes ability to accommodate your lifestyle. This is accomplished by utilising the latest garden trends to create new and exciting living spaces or refining and renovating existing out-of-doors areas. If done well, this can add significantly to the value of your home as well as being a rewarding outlet for personal expression and enjoyment. Continue reading

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